I’m dropping by for a quick update! I know I said I’d take a break to take care of my son (who got sick on Monday) and the WAHMderful Life Workshop (this Saturday — eep!), but things have improved since the beginning of the week, and I have time to blog — yay!

It’s Friday morning as I write this, just one day before the Philippines’ first-ever work-at-home mom workshop. Yesterday, my partner in this venture (the awesome Ginger and her equally awesome events company, Manila Workshops) were emailing back and forth throughout the day, finalizing the details, getting handouts sorted, making sure all the things we’d planned for had come together. Earlier this week, the WAHM panel and I “met” over Skype and chat, to talk about a couple of things concerning our special Q&A segment.

And yesterday, I had one final workshop-related meeting with Abby and Ethel, two lovely ladies from McCann World Group, with whom I had a pow-wow over their recent research, “The Truth About Moms.” It just so happened that the meeting was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Bonifacio High Street, so I also got to hop over to Serendra for a pot of this:

Vanilla Royal Pudding — my fave!

I didn’t have macarons today, but these were just too pretty to ignore.

It was just a week being fully immersed in all things WAHM. Sweet!

But really, what makes this week even more awesome is that my son is  finally well! Yes, Vito had a two-day bout with an on and off high fever, but it finally broke the other day, and we are quite relieved. Whew. Thank you, God. You’re always faithful.

Yesterday lunch time at Wee Nam Kee. Vito and Ton came to fetch me after my morning meeting.

Of course, this week of the workshop has not been without its trials. Vito’s high fever on Monday worried me so much and I started to get paranoid. In fact, I got so paranoid at one point that I actually contemplated postponing the workshop in case he did not get well before today. (He’s well now, so we’re going through, just so you know!)

Trials were apparent as well among our community of WAHMs. Each time I logged into the Manila WAHMs Facebook group this week, the threads were filled with messages by WAHMs supporting and even praying for one another due to the kids getting sick, fellow WAHMs getting sick, and other travails. Yes, we all have fun, chit-chat and have our “getting-to-know-you” moments in the group, but what I’m really thankful for is that there is true support going on among the moms.

Moms supporting moms. That’s what this weekend’s going to be all about, and the very reason behind the WAHMderful Life Workshops. (Yes, you heard it right: Workshops. More about the pluralization after Saturday!) We’re dedicated to empowering and encouraging moms who’ve opted for the home-based lifestyle. Do pray for the success of our workshop, especially for the participants: This weekend is all about them.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I know I’m going to have a wonderful — or rather, WAHMderful — one!