Social media has truly made my work at home life a little more blissful. There’s something exciting and addictive about making online connections, isn’t there? Even better is the possibility of making online friends, and of potentially meeting those online friends one day. In fact, a couple of months ago, I was able to meet some wonderful ladies for tea, all of whom I had connected with online because we all were work at home mothers.

Incidentally, the ladies (pictured below) are some of the panelists at my upcoming workshop with

manila work at home moms mary grace

That’s yours truly with (L-R) Marge (, Toni ( and Michelle (Beyond the Silver and Gold), at Mary Grace in Serendra a couple of months ago. This was for a workshop-related meeting.

Even before I launched my WAHMderful Life Workshop for Work-at-Home Moms, I had already begun a small Facebook group in March 2012, for a handful of work at home mothers here in Manila. Like the ladies above, the women in this group were all persons I’d met online, either through Twitter, Facebook or on my blog.

From an initial group of nine, this community has flourished. We’re now over 150 members, with new additions being welcomed into the mix every week. We even have Filipino moms from the U.S., who somehow “found” the group while searching Facebook for mommy-related support groups.

I’m blessed by the diversity in this small, active group. Some are business owners, while others are offshore/telecommuting mums, and still others are freelancers. While we all come from different walks of life, one thing brings us together: A love for work, and a passion for making a home. (Many of the moms in this Facebook group are going to the WAHMderful Life Workshop, so we’ll get to meet each other face-to-face! Yay!)


Join us!

Are you a mom in Manila who is working from home? Connect and find support through our Manila WAHMs group! You need to request access, since we like to keep the group small and intentional. We also want to keep the quality of the posts in-line with our objective to provide support and work at home tips/leads.

Highlights of this group include:

  • our Manila WAHMs Business Directory, which the members can fill up with their business information;
  • Work at home job opportunities and leads. We’re not limited to just entrepreneurs in this group. We understand that not all women are cut out to be business owners or mompreneurs, so we also provide job leads for women who want to be employed on a flexible/outsourced/telecommute basis. (Personally, I’ve secured some awesome women from this group for clients of mine, so it’s a great way to give jobs to my fellow WAHMs while delivering quality results for my clients.);
  • mom- and family-related questions and answers, wherein the community actively helps out a fellow WAHM-ie in need, whether through advice, prayers, and support.

(Note: We do not accept all members, and reserve the right to delete members who behave inappropriately or “spam-ily.”) If you’re interested, please visit us at Manila Work-at-Home Moms on Facebook. Hope to see you there!