Welcome to another Mom Bliss Interview, where I feature awesome women who are living their bliss, whether through business or blogging! Today, my guest is Tala Ocampo, a trailing spouse, a doting mom, an obsessive learner and a Career Connoisseur.  Her vision is for women to find meaningful work while having a centered life.  Her own meaningful work blends her organization development expertise with her ability to authentically engage people in making organizations succeed while supporting individuals thrive in their careers.  

A Certified Professional Coach, Tala is also known as Mommy {T} Coach (link to http://www.mommytcoach.com).  Just recently she re-launched her blog as epicareerean (link to http://www.epicareerean.com).  To keep up with Tala, sign up for her newsletter here (link to http://eepurl.com/kgjRD).


Tala’s “Slice of T” entry level coaching session was a response to a New Year’s resolution I’d made for myself this 2012: To take my blogging and business to the next level. Being coached by Tala, even for just that one hour, enabled me to clarify the goals I had set my sights on. Within a few weeks of my session with her, I’d consulted with more mentors, drafted a “dream map” of my plans, which have since borne fruit, one of which is the WAHMderful Life Workshop series I launched with Manila Workshops. So I owe a huge chunk of thanks to Tala for this!

On to the interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life as a mother.

I’m a newbie mom on the go!  I started and continue on my motherhood journey away from the Philippines.  It is wrapped with exciting adventures and one-of-a-kind challenges.  Because we are in a nomadic phase of our lives, that has set the tone for my life especially as a mother.  With all the moving and changing happening (my daughter has lived in 2 countries and she hasn’t turned one yet!) our challenge is to create a stable and secure environment for our daughter at the same time adjust to the changes ourselves!

Please tell us the story behind your blog/business.

It started out when hubby first got assigned abroad.  I was waiting for a job opportunity to materialize (it eventually did) but I wasn’t the kind to “sit around and wait” so I decided to take up a Certification in Professional Coaching.  Fast-forward to a year later, the difficulties of having a baby where we didn’t have any family around plus the office commute made us decide for me to explore taking a break from full-time work.  While preparing for a life of a stay-at-home-momma I realized I didn’t want to lose touch with my craft as I love what I do and I was keen to practice my newly acquired coaching certification.  Ergo Mommy {T} Coach was born!

What kind of moms or women would benefit from your blog/business?

Women who are proactive and serious about making huge leaps in their careers while staying centered to what matters most in their lives!

We love to know how other moms manage their busy days! Tell us: What is a typical day is like for you as a mother/blogger/business owner?

This is a difficult question!  A typical day pretty much changes depending on the “season” we are in our life.  Right now we’re in the process of settling in our new home so most of my day is pretty much centered on supporting hubby and taking care of our baby.  I try to squeeze into some work during the day when my baby’s busily playing or napping and during the evenings and weekends when hubby is home.  Just recently baby’s nanny arrived so after getting her up to speed on babysitting and household chores, it’s time to devote more time to work.  I guess that’s the beauty of what I do, my “typical” day adjust to where my life needs me to focus on at the moment, whatever season of life we are in.

In a few words (or even a sentence), define what you believe is “mom bliss.”

“Mom bliss” is a choice to see, create, and be happy and grateful for the beauty in your life.

What advice would you give to a new mom entrepreneur, based on your own experiences?

Hmmm… another difficult question!  Haha!  I am not fond of giving “advice” but allow me to share my top learnings:

First, I wouldn’t have done it without the help of other people!  My coaches for one have been huge enablers and awesome support for pushing me forward.  They create a safe space for me to work out my issues and hold me accountable to make things happen (especially helpful when it’s something I don’t want to do!).  I also don’t know where I would have gone on this journey without my husband.  His mantra is “go for it.”  But that “go for it” also means that he got my back from a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough to hard core business input (he’s a pretty successful marketer!).

Second, I realized that it’s ok to be in the gray area.  In as much as there are many ambiguous situations in the Corporate world, it’s double, even triple in the entrepreneurial world!  I am sort of a control freak and this is extremely stressful and frustrating for me.  But as Danielle LaPorte said “everything is progress.”  We may be in the gray area but it doesn’t mean that things are not moving.  Sometimes it’s the best place to be for the moment because there I am able to refine my plans or improve on offerings, etc.

Last but not the least, putting learning as a top priority makes for a blessed entrepreneurial experience.  Even before day one I’ve been learning and throughout this year I’ve never learned so much in so little time!  From formal courses, to coaching programs, to “on-the-job” experiences, it’s just so full of opportunities to learn and grow and be better everyday!

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