Walk in Safety and Style: Freycoo Philippines Infant Shoes {Contest}

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I was a crazy shopper-mom, especially in my preggy days. I remember visiting baby stores more often than the supermarket in those days; the bigger I got, the more I excited I became! I was buying baby clothes and baby shoes, researching the best in baby body care products, and keeping myself well informed about the safest and the best items for my little boy.

One of the first shoes we bought Vito was this pair of infant-friendly soft-soled shoes. You can guess which pair belonged to him:

That’s his dad’s shoes on the side, as you may have guessed. Vito was 4 months at the time.

Here’s Vito at 1 year old, wearing another pair of toxin-free, infant sole shoes. These were his favorites for a long time!

My son may be well into toddler and preschooler shoes these days, but a baby gear geek like me is always on the lookout for the latest baby brands to hit the market. After all, I’ve said that I’m not stopping at one kid! (Har, har.) That’s why I was SO excited when Dot of Freycoo Philippines contacted me via email one day, about their line of adorable kiddie shoes.

The newest online shoe store for tots and bubs

Freycoo Philippines carries high-quality, toxin-free, versatile footwear that encourages healthy foot development. Each pair is carefully manufactured and customized for infants and children. Parents will find comfort in the fact that each shoe is placed under rigorous testing for safety compliances for EN71 (European Union Safety Standard) and CPSIA (United States Product Safety and Improvement Act).

Their online store (freycoophil.com) offers hassle-free, easy and secure online shopping. I like that they offer a cash on delivery system, but I love that you can easily pay with PayPal, too. (A plus for us work-at-home moms who usually use PayPal for our transactions.) You can also place a special order on shoes that are not immediately available at the store; Freycoo Philippines will be able to get you your exact order in as little as two weeks (or a month, at the most).


These models (lifted from the Freycoo Philippines Facebook page) are truly adorable. I am in baby shoe heaven! Among VersaSoles’ bestsellers are their Soft Soled for Girls: Daisy, Bunny and Grace Soft Soled for Boys: Christiano, Eli and Skip Squeaky Shoes for Girls: Victoria, Pippa and Summer.

Giveaway Alert: WIN a pair of Freycoo Philippines Shoes!

Now, because the owners of Freycoo Philippines are feeling generous, one lucky Dainty Mom reader will receive a FREE pair of Freycoo Philippines shoes for their baby, in the model, size and gender-style of their choice!


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  1. Ni D. Ybanez says

    I always make sure that her shoes are comfy so that she can walk properly. I want her to see the world perfectly by being comfortable in every step she takes in her life’s little journey.

  2. diosyl says

    What do you do to make sure your baby takes safe steps, whether its his actual first steps OR new steps towards a new achievement? – as a new mom, i always make sure that in every achievement of my son, i ensure is safety :)

  3. Aisa Villapando says

    we let her do what she would want to do. and we do our part by giving her encouragement and guidance every step of the way. we want to build her confidence so she can do anything and everything all by herself.

  4. Marie Rian Agustin says

    I always make sure that her environment is safe whereever she goes and whatever she does. I always make it a point that whatever step she makes I’m always there by her side to support her all the way.

  5. marissa tupino says

    now that she’s almost 2 years old, and a natural explorer and really curious, we always take her outdoors and just let her walk or run around. that way she can be active and at the dame time learning new things around her. a nice pair of shoes would be her best gear for that. :)

  6. Ria D. Laab says

    We go out and explore new places and new things. He love’s it. He love’s that he learns new and exciting things everyday. And it makes me happy as a mom seeing him say or do new things.

  7. Ginalyn E. Bautista says

    my 17months old baby loves to walk and i see to it that the place is safe and every time he is outside the house i make sure that he is wearing a comfortable shoes or slippers/sandals.. <3

  8. April F. Manuel says

    I give her the full support and guidance that she needs and at the same time give her only the best products in the market! :)

  9. says

    As a mother to my firstborn son Echo, I make sure that the area he is practicing to walk around is free from any accidents prone objects. When inside the house, i prefer him to be on his bare feet while when outside, having a nice pair and comfortable sandals or shoes is important so as not to catch any bacteria from the ground.
    Olivia Fernandez recently posted..Happy World Teachers Day!!My Profile

  10. says

    I make sure to support her every development. Just recently we sent her to Gymboree so her motor and social skills would be refined. We’d give to our daughter whatever we can. I’d love to try on these new Freycoo shioes for my daughter.

  11. says

    since my baby almost half of a year,we’re now practicing her to walk with the help of a walker,funnily she was lazy especially when she caught her feet wearing shoes.Her whole attention was on what she is wearing that;s why we are intact to monitored her always.

  12. Natalie C. Miranda says

    At 1 year she still does “gabay”, we don’t use andador or walkers, we want to let her learn by her self. Encouragement, love, getting all of the obstacles out of the way….and trying to look out for good shoes <#

  13. says

    My baby is just half year now,We teach her to step with the help of a baby walker but sometime she’s lazy..hahaha so we motivate her by showing up some toys but we make sure that she still guided and supervised.

  14. Istin says

    When they were practicing their steps aside from the help of a baby walker, we made sure we were there to supervise and guide them while they took those little steps. We also just let them do it on their own and not just rely on our help.

  15. Lovely Joy Merced says

    I recall when my baby was starting to learn how to walk. Me and my hubby covered every single table end with rubber and plugged up all the electric outlets, i remember putting a small pillow on his behind so he doesnt get hurt when he falls down.

  16. says

    For me, holding their hands while they were walking their baby steps,encouraging and not showing any fear.No words can describe what I felt upon seeing their own steps.

  17. says

    I exclusively breastfeed baby Ivan to help him prepare for his actual first steps (although hindi pa sya lumalakad ngayon). Plus karga-time to encourage him to jump/bounce or march in place. To make his practice steps safer, we make sure the floor or bed is clean (walang pwedeng makatusok sa paa nya).
    aileen recently posted..Quote: You weren’t an accident.My Profile

  18. says

    My kid and I loves to go outside. So I always make sure that she’s wearing a comfy shoes :) and also, wearing leggings or long socks helps your baby not to have bruises on their knees if ever they fell off 😛

  19. Sally says

    We’ll be having our first baby this coming December so it’s still a long way to go before we talk about taking her first steps. But when the time comes, of course we will choose baby shoes that’s soft-soled just like Freycoo to ensure a healthy foot development.

  20. says

    I make sure that I am always there for my babies, whether it’s their first step or first failure, because I want to be sure they know that I am always there for them. Whether they found success or stumbled in their quest for anything.

  21. says

    To make sure my baby makes safe first steps, I give him a lot of encouragement and try to alleviate his fears. I always assure him that I’m right there when he needs me. :)
    Janice recently posted..Give Up TomorrowMy Profile

  22. Cherry Tan says

    To make sure my babies take safe steps, I try to provide a safe and secure environment for them to explore. Now my 6 year old isn’t scared to try things out herself, and I can enlist her ‘safety parrol’ help now that we have newborn.

  23. Zendie says

    To make sure my baby takes safe steps, I encourage her, let her try on her own & be always there when she falls, cheering her up & encouraging her all the more. :)

  24. Arra Morta says

    I make sure she doesnt strip by holding her little hands while she walk:)And I love the feeling oh her hand gripping mine:)

  25. Cherry Ann Templo says

    To make sure that my baby takes her first steps safely, I try to be there for her whenever she is awake and gently encourage her to try.

  26. Cyrene says

    What I love most about breast feeding is that it is not only the best nourishment for my baby but also it serves as the best time for us to bond.

  27. Luchi Ann Lagman says

    Breastfeeding and babywearing is the best bonding time with my baby. I can nurture and nourish her at the same time!

  28. says

    What I love most about being a breastfeeding, babywearing mom is the exceptional bond that I have with my son. Even if my son is already a toddler, I would like to believe that we have grown closer because I breastfed him and worn him when he was still a baby.
    Mae recently posted..Property TaxMy Profile