A couple of weeks ago, The Good Web Guide invited me to be a guest blogger for the week. Known as “the thinking man’s Google,” the Good Web Guide reviews and rates various websites according to their unique offerings, whether it be products, services,  or website function and usability. I was given the go-ahead to blog about what I wanted, in line with my website. Naturally, I wrote about how my mommy blog helped me to become the work-at-home mom that I am now.

Dainty Mom began as a hobby for me, during a time when I was having a hard time going back to work after my maternity leave. It was the first time I started reading mommy blogs, and I soon found out that other moms out there understood what I was going through as a new mom. Soon, I was blogging about anything I could thing of, the foremost being my musings as a newbie parent and homemaker. It wasn’t until I’d been blogging for a year that things really took off, in terms of finding work and becoming a freelancing mommy blogger.

You can read the full guest post here, on the Good Web Guide’s blog.