Welcome to this week’s Dainty Dozen, a round-up of recommended reads and resources from around the Web, for moms and mom bloggers. We’re curating the best content on a mom’s lifestyle, mom blogging, family, and products & services that make a mom’s life more blissful.


1. How to Photograph Your Kids by miaymarch, Matter of Taste blog: I used to take pictures religiously, with the old school SLR. I loved taking photos of kids back then! This post by Mia just makes me want to go back and re-learn all my old photography lessons, especially now that I have my own kid.

2. 5 Tips for Family Christmas Photos by Design Mom: Our family’s never taken that proverbial Christmas photo. Maybe we should this year? Nonetheless, check out this helpful post by Design Mom, one of my favorite weekly reads in the mom-blogosphere.

3. 50 Shades of Grey by Lauren McPhilips for Style at Home: I just love these pegs on how to utilize the color grey in all areas of your home! I wish I could re-do our small rental in grey, sigh. Until I can, these Pinterest-worthy images will suffice (not to mention whet my interior design appetite!).

4. How to Decorate a Christmas Tree by The Nester: Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? If not, the Nester has some great tips and different theme ideas for you! A must-read for holidayphiles like yours truly.

5. 5 Mommy Closet Must-Haves by Henry’s Mom: I love posts about mommy essentials, and this one by Ditas is another helpful one! Do you have these 5 essential pieces?

6. How to Create a Pretty and Productive Home Office from The Mogul Mom: Practical and inspiring was the “adage” that Dainty Mom goes by. What’s pretty can be functional, and a home office can, too! These tips from Kelly + Olive can help you achieve an inspired work space from anywhere in your home!

Blogging and Social Media

7. What I Learned at Blogopolis by Topaz Horizon: I wasn’t able to attend Blogopolis at the last minute (!) because my kid got sick. Anyway, I’m glad my friend Frances Sales was there, because she was able to gather her learnings and put them into this post. This is great news for bloggers, and contains information on how blogging has changed, why bloggers should start building up their blogging and social platforms, and what you can do to achieve a blog that is a real business.

8. Top 6 Tips for Mom Bloggers by Laura Lee Walker: Laure Lee is a fellow Tribber member from the Women Entrepreneurs group I’m a part of, and she writes sound, informative content in simple, easy-to-understand lingo. Her post simplifies what you need to do if you want to become a mom blogger that people will listen to.

9. The Mighty List: How to Make Your Own by Maggie Mason: One of my favorite bloggers is Mighty Girl, a.k.a Maggie Mason. Why? Because she totally knows what she wants to achieve in life and goes for it. Her Mighty Life List is like a guidepost to her passions, and serves as a positive, highly-energized “bucket list” for her. (I made my own life list, too, in case you’ve not read it.) Read hers, then make your own!

10. Use Instagram to Create Lasting Memories of Your Children by Keeper of the Home: I’m an Instagram newbie, having only had my iPhone for a few months. I’m addicted to this app, because it makes me feel like I can take good photos, haha! This post by Stephanie inspired me to keep on “Instagramming” so I can create scrapbooks, year books and more using the helpful apps available out there, for almost next to nothing (or completely free!)

Relationships and Family

11. Make Your Home Work for You by Centsational Girl: This Pinterest-worthy post is more than just about the pretty pictures. It’s about creating a home

Products and Services

12. Glamourbox: I am so not a beauty junkie, which means I take forever to choose makeup or eye cream, and other beauty kit essentials. I don’t want to end up buying stuff I don’t really need in the long run! Enter Glamourbox, a beauty sampling service that lets you sample the best beauty products from around the globe, all beautifully packaged in a sample box. After sampling, you can choose to buy the products on the Glamourbox site, in a shop front exclusive to their members. This is a great gift idea for your friends, your co-workers, even your mom! Visit www.glamourbox.ph for details.

13. Sitting Pretty Magnetic Boards: Great gift idea! These magnetic boards are form and function rolled into one. Choose from a variety of pretty designs, and use the boards as bulletin boards, even as makeup holders (like this!)

14. My Decorator in a Box: Someone please do this in Manila, please, please, PLEASE! I’ll be your client! This service is available in the United States, and is personally crafted by Annie Pauza, a professional decorator. Basically, you describe your room to Annie, and she sends you a box with a floor plan, materials, colors, and shopping list, with personalized instructions for how to decorate your room! Love it!