Different Kinds of Mom Blogs — Which One is Yours?

I was hanging out one day with a fellow mommy blogger, and we started talking about blogs, naturally. Though we each had a blog, we noted the different approaches we each took in blogging. Comparing our platforms, we noted certain differences. My blog more of a resource and inspiration platform, based on the some of the unique features I have, such as Mom Bliss interviews and Home Office Inspirations. Hers was personal, but not too revealing of course, and was more like a journal type.

We were both moms, both bloggers. We were not, however, the same kind of mommy blogger, which is a pretty cool thing.

Blogs — especially mom blogs — are so unique, it’s hard to just typify them all. Looking around and reading around, there are some blogs that are more personal than others, some blogs that are more of resource blogs than they are online journals. There’s no “right way” to blog, since they are such personal spaces.

So: What kind of blog is your mom blog?

Here’s how I’ve defined some of the blogs I read. It’s clear which ones are purely personal, and those that go outside the mommy sphere a bit more. These definitions are in no way to be taken as “blog-ospel” truth: They are just how I personally organize my blog reading!

The mom-journal

Some of my favorite blogs are online journals and diaries. Blog celebrities — and typically those who’ve been blogging for a while — fall into this category. They’re the bloggers who can pretty much write about anything and people seem to catch on. They chronicle the lives of their kids, or their latest salon trip, or whatever. Some of my favorites are Sweet Juniper, Dooce, Cup of Jo, Mommy Topaz, and The Bloggess are just a handful of those whom I look up to for their natural, narrative manner.

The mom-business blog

There are moms out there who are called mommy bloggers, but their blogs don’t really serve as online journals. Being a homebased, work at home writer and blogger, I’ve been able to locate some excellent business blogs by moms, all providing resources that empower and educate me in my profession. These are blogs like The Work at Home Woman or The Mogul Mom, Mom Biz Coach and The Mom Writes (my top picks). What’s different about these blogs, compared to the journal-type blog? Well, they don’t talk just about motherhood — not all the time. They are, however, packed with resources on how to be a mom entrepreneur, or a work at home mom. In other words, they’re business blogs in mom-lingo.

The “niche hub”

These are blogs that cater towards a particular lifestyle. I prefer to these blogs “niche hubs” as opposed to plain “lifestyle” blogs, because lifestyle blogs have sort of universally been typified as either fashion/entertainment/trend-oriented. These “niche hub” blogs target a specific group or sector within a general audience. In the mom-audience, there are several  niche hubs:

Intentional living hubs: Simple MomKeeper of the Home, Life Your Way

Mom empowerment hubs: 5 Minutes for MomExtraordinary Mommy, Dainty Mom (ahem!)

Frugality and finance hubs: Frugal Fil-Am, The Krazy Coupon Lady, Money-Saving Mom

Design moms and homemaking hubs: Making it Lovely, The Nester, Centsational Girl

… and, you get the idea!

The Pinterest-able blog

I am crazy jealous of these blogs, just because their photos and images are so damn gorgeous. These are my “le sigh” blog picks — they’re full of eye candy! I’m totally inspired by beautiful images, beautiful photos, and I wish I would take the time to study and practice taking better photos myself!  Some mom blogs out there are totally Pinterest-worthy, like some of my favorites: Mom*Tog, Shutter SistersCannelle Vanille, Mocking-Bird, The Pioneer Woman, A Matter of TasteDecor8, The Spoiled Mummy, and Lingered Upon, to keep the list short.

Remember: If you’re a mom, your blog is your online platform. It’s where you speak your beliefs, share your opinions, even bare your soul, if you’re brave enough. It’s up to you to make it a real, authentic expression of you, to brand it with your own voice and experiences. In the end, that’s what people will keep coming back for.

What kind of blog is your mom blog? Which of the types best fits your online platform? Let’s talk about it in the comments, shall we?


  1. says

    I think I’m more of a mom-journal blogger. I talk about a lot of different things that are of interest to me. I try to post about one specific topic each day so readers who are only interested in specific posts can count on seeing say, my cosmetics posts on Fridays. Baby preps have taken over my mind though so I do feel bad about not being able to blog as regularly lately.
    Rosa recently posted..Keeping up with the timesMy Profile

  2. says

    i guess mine’s a cross between a mom-journal and a resource-ish type (?), but primarily the former. I blog about personal anecdotes on being a first-time mom, but also post information I read from books or other online sources so other new moms or moms-to-be can get credible & reliable info that may be useful to them.

  3. says

    My blog is a combination of niche, personal and business. College Mommy Rant is specifically tailored to moms, especially young moms who are going to college and raising children. I talk about everything from making money online and funny stories to some of my favorite recipes. I also have tips and advice about issues that moms of this category deal with.
    Diane recently posted..Get $5 from Vistaprint!My Profile

  4. says

    I think mine falls to the newbie “mom-journal” category. I’m just sharing the details about my son. Hhhmm, which makes me wonder if it’s really a mom-journal… A baby journal perhaps? Hehe… O sige na nga, “mom-journal”! In progress nga lang… ^_^
    Mommy Tine recently posted..One Day at the FarmMy Profile

    • Martine says

      Trust me, you are. 😉 I wish I could be as cute and loveable as you are on your blog, but I’m too uptight, hahaha. Glad to know we can talk about blogging, though (and other stuff, wink, wink).

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    Mine’s definitely a mom journal. Sometimes I think I really should make an effort to plan and organize posts properly. I write about such random things. Like, my hubby noticed that I’ve been writing about food a lot lately, but that’s just coz I have so many pending posts about places we’ve been to eat. So yeah, planning is key. But to tell you the truth, it’s hard figuring out where to start with that. I’m not a very OC person. Haha!
    Patty recently posted..Midweek Momventures: Homework ChroniclesMy Profile

  6. says

    I so LOVE this post, Marts! :) Been thinking lately about what kind of mom blog I have actually! :) A friend and fellow mom blogger has also been encouraging me to do so, and really define my blog’s “mission” and all. :) Thanks for sharing your insights. 😀 Now, I’d like to ask you the question: What do YOU think my mom blog is all about? Or SHOULD be about? Hehe! :) Hope to meet up with you soon! God bless always!
    Truly Rich Mom recently posted..Truly Rich Recommendations {Events}: Havaianas Design a Smile (Year 2) + The Mommy Mundo BazaarMy Profile

    • says

      Party Blog… with a little bit of arts and crafts :) For now, here in the country, I think its a niche…mostly about kids parties, and I also hope Pinterest-able :) But I hope many would eventually take parties or celebrations at home to a whole new level like inspirations from HWTM, Kara’s Party Ideas, Bird’s Party Blog, TomKat Studio etc.
      Christine Cordero recently posted..Party Hop at Bonifacio High StreetMy Profile

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