Hi, I’m Martine and I’m beauty and makeup virgin.

I did not know how to apply mascara until I turned 29, which was when I got engaged.

(I had no makeup on the night we got engaged, actually.)

I have no idea why the Shu Uemura eyelash curler is “the best”, or what kind of blush I need to buy.

I hate foundation, and the gunky feeling I get from wearing layers of product on my face.

I don’t own lipstick. I have tinted lip gloss from a health food store, of all places.

I also have no idea how to shop for beauty loot! In fact, if you put me in a beauty store, I will likely head over to the bath & body section and buy a a selection of body washes and fragrances, because I would have no idea about what to buy in the makeup section. I also never know what to buy, because everything comes in full size, which means I risk buying something I won’t really use (or need, anyway!).

So when Glamour Box contacted me about their new product — a beauty sampler box of luxe beauty loot from around the globe — I was intrigued. What a cool idea for people like me who take forever to sample and use beauty products!

Glamour Box is a deluxe beauty sampler box subscription service. Each month, you receive a box of goodies from global and local beauty brands, all carefully curated by a team of beauty experts. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. Why? Because you get to try primo goodies, see how they work for you, and buy them at a special price reserved only for Glamour Box subscribers.

For the November box, here’s what subscribers got:

Goodies from some of my and my husband’s favorite brands, like Bvlgari (fragrances), Calvin Klein (fragrance) and Shiseido (facial cream). Some new brands to me are OFRA, Eye of Horus  (mascara) and Yves Rocher (firming lotion). Love the samples!

You never know what you’re going to get in your monthly Glamour Box! That’s part of the intrigue and suspense! I’m so glad about the November contents, because all the products are, well, stuff I’ve wanted to try. I’ve never bought a lip color palette before, and I was just talking with some mommy friends last week about how I never knew the right way to apply mascara. Now, I have a wonderful sample to try out (which I hope will be great for me, since it’s made from all-natural ingredients.)

Subscribing to Glamour Box is easy! Here’s a step-by-step how-to:

A Glamour Box can also be a great gift! You can get a gift subscription for your friends or your family, which you can read more about here.

If you have any questions about Glamour Box, you can visit their websiteThey have a pretty website, too, by the way. Soon, the Boutique area will be available for subscribers who want to shop for the full size versions of their sampler products.

Keep updated with the company’s latest news and offerings as well, by “liking” their Facebook page here and by following them on Twitter (@GlamourboxPH), too.