Source: Making it Lovely

You all know how I love pink. In fact, most of my home office inspiration pegs are pink or have touches of pink, such this and this. It’s a quintessentially feminine color, and is said to evoke certain emotions, such the carefree days of childhood, at least according to the All About Color website’s analysis of pink. (Apparently, desserts and sweets are said to taste better when they come package in pink boxes or served on pink plates, because the color seems to fuel sugar cravings. So, that explains why I’ve never fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes due to my insatiable appetite for macarons.)

And, on an interesting note, my default cologne is Lacoste’s Touch of Pink.

Today’s home office inspiration involves quite a bit of pink: Making it Lovely’s Nicole Balch’s newly-designed home office! I love how tastefully and sweetly the colors are used, and how each wall, each vignette and furniture piece in the room is coordinated without looking too “kept.” I’ve always loved eclectic styles, probably because it was my mom’s preferred design aesthetic.

I appreciate that Nicole considered and used such simple, basic pieces, and played them up with the right accessories. I’m loving that owl beside the printer! (Actually, Nicole has provided a page of sources from where she got many of her home office furnishings. Neat-o!)

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