Do you love the holidays? And are you looking for ways to spend it more meaningfully, without all the fuss and unnecessary spending? We hear ya! That’s why we want to invite YOU to join our BLOG CARNIVAL for the Holidays! We, The Frugal Fil-Am and Dainty Mom) wanted to invite you to participate in our first ever Holiday Blog Carnival 2012! A blog carnival is where we each write a blog post on a chosen sub-topic under the same theme. Everyone will get links to other bloggers’ post to multiply your reach!

This holiday season’s theme is “Spend-Less Holidays” We are looking for bloggers who would like to share a post on how to spend LESS this Christmas season, while still making it meaningful.

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Write your blog post on how to spend LESS and savor the season MORE

Example topics:

– Budget-friendly Christmas Family Recipes
– Gifting to Godchildren
– Budget-friendly Gift Giving
– Pocket-friendly Christmas Parties
– DIY Christmas Crafts
– Welcoming the New Year
– Christmas Traditions

…. or anything that relates to spending less this holiday season.

2. At the beginning of your blog carnival post, with the following as your introduction. Copy paste this into the HTML of your blog post:

<a href=””><img title=”spendless holidays” src=”” alt=”” width=”350″ /></a> “I’m participating in the Spend-Less Holidays: Saving While Savoring the Season Blog Carnival, hosted by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Frugal Fil-Am</a> and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Dainty Mom</a>. We’ll be sharing our tips on how to spend less this holiday season, so that we can have a more meaningful Christmas. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.”

* For Blogger users: On your post entry, click the button on the top-left side of your blog post creator that says “HTML.” Just paste the above on the post form, then go back to the regular view.

* For WordPress users: When you create a new post, select the HTML view, and paste the above text on the post form. Click back to “Visual” view to continue your post.

3. When you’ve finished your blog post, register to enter it into the carnival using this form:

4. Wait for the blog carnival hosts’ email on November 29, with instructions for posting. We will send you a list of the blog carnival participants, which you must post at the end of your blog post.

5. Publish your blog post with everyone else’s on November 30, 12AM Eastern Time (or 12 PM Manila Time). Again, you must include the URLs of all the blog carnival participants.

Important Points:

  • We will only accept entries that are submitted by 12PM, Eastern time on November 28.
  • Be sure you POST your entries on November 30, 2012, at the specified time for your time zone.
  • You can begin sending blog URLs before November 28 2012 for inclusion in the carnival list by filling up the Google Drive form above. We will only include the links of those who use the form.

Thank you! We’re excited to link-up with you!