Mom Bliss Interview with Hilary Isaac

Welcome to Mom Bliss Interviews! I’m so excited to feature this next mom on Mom Bliss! Please welcome Hilary Isaac, former DJ at 88.3 FM, now home-based radio jock and also a freelance event host and model. I first met Hilary in Boracay, when we connected during the Women’s Health Beauty and the Beach¬†weekend. We got to talk about our kids, our work, and ended up keeping in touch over social media. She’s a real darling! Get to know her more.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself as a mom.

I’m a single parent to a brilliant 17month old Fil Brit baby boy named Asher Coen. My first and only baby at the moment. Things didnt work out between his father and I but I have no regrets.

I was in radio for 6 years hosting a Primetime morning show called The Hilary and Scotty Show on Jam 88.3. I was a preschool teacher for two years and used to be a veejay for QTV11 and a talent of GMA7. I now busy myself with event hosting, TV commercials, and freelance writing. I used to write for Sense & Style Magazine and Style Weekend. I also host my own web show on Ustream where I play new indie music, new wave music, and also have some commentary that’s mixed with wit and self-deprecating humor.

2. How’d you make the shift to being a stay at home mom? Tell us about it!

Being a predominantly ambitious person and a Jack of all trades, it was so tough for me to transition! I was used to getting up at 4am and going from meeting to meeting to work, boxing, running, meetings again, shoots, etc. Life changed when my son came into the picture. Suddenly everything fell into place and I had no problem setting my priorities straight. I couldn’t bear spending my mornings and most of the day at work while my son grew up in someone else’s care. So when he was four months, I retired from radio and focused on being a mother. And what a beautiful choice I made! I still do several different work from home jobs like social media managing but on a consultant basis.

3. What’s a typical day like for you?

Mornings start with cuddle with with the tot and a healthy breakfast of kefir, fruit, and oats. Then about 10am when Asher’s nap time comes up, I respond to emails and get some work done. He gets up about lunch time and gets tons of playtime with me. When I have events to host or a shoot scheduled for the day, Asher gets to sped time with his nana. Thank God for grandmas huh? I’m normally back home from errands around 3pm and by 5pm Asher and I go for a nice walk in the neighbourhood. I get some “Me” time when he’s finally in bed by 8pm.

4. What are some of the most important realizations you’ve had as a mom?

It would be the true selflessness you need to have. You can’t be a good mother unless you’re ready to put your child and family’s needs first. I’m also learning to reassess the other relationships I have in my life and cutting ties where necessary. I understand how important my overall well being is so that my son also turns out a healthy well-rounded person. I can’t let things get to me that might be picked up by Asher. Kids are sensitive like that.

5. How do you juggle work with motherhood? Tell us your tips.

Motherhood definitely comes first and I accept work offers based on whether I have sorted out babysitting concerns. I’m blessed to have a family who is supportive of me and my mum is a big help in looking after him, especially win work takes me out of town or abroad.


6. How’s your radio show doing, and what do you see for it in the future?

At the moment my web show is starting to pick up more listeners. My goal in starting it is really just to share music. Also my listeners and followers have clamoured for it for quite awhile now and fortunately the means to do so came about. I think the show has so much potential and even now it’s still a bit free form. But I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve that I’m still tweaking and will reveal soon.

Connect with Hilary!

Website/Blog: and (under construction)

Facebook fan page: The Hilary Isaac Show

Twitter: @hilaryisaac

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