Welcome to another Mom Bliss Interview! Here, I feature awesome readers of this blog, who are motivated moms from around the globe! From business owners to bloggers, this feature is meant to inspire you to create your own bliss, a life that works for you.

My guest for MBI today is Mia Y. Marchadesch –Jaranilla, or simply “miaymarch,” the chic and mod lifestyle blogger behind the “A Matter of Taste. I first found out about her blog when I wen searching on Google for “best mom blogs in Asia”: I was directed towards a Hong Kong-based website with a feature on Asia’s Top Mom Blogs, where I found Mia’s as the blog of choice for Bangkok, where she and her family are based. Honestly, her family reminded me of my own: a 5-member, expat Filipino family, where the kids went to international school and the mom was an artistic homemaker — so like our family! (Mia was just like my own mom: a lover of photography and art, and a career homemaker.) Mia and I instantly “connected.” And we’ve been emailing back and forth ever since.

Let her tell you about her life as a trailing spouse in this week’s interview. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life as a mother.

I am a 40 something trailing wife to my husband who works for an American company. I am now based in Bangkok after moving here from Singapore in 2012   We lived in Singapore for about almost five years  when we left Manila in 2006.   I am a mother of three whose ages span from five yrs old to 22 years old!  So I must say, my parenting skills, though a work in progress,   are very much tried and tested.  When I am not busy with wearing my housewife and motherly hats, I am a lifestyle blogger, a part time art consultant and a freelance photographer.  Of late, too, I have been dabbling with paper design and create personalized greeting cards and/or invites.

Please tell us the story behind your blog.

This is actually my third blog.  The two other blogs I started were more of a personal blog, which was okay to a certain point.  Then I realized I needed to reinvent and have a purpose. So this (third) one, my vision for it is to be a lifestyle hub for everyday matters— a well-rounded resource for tasteful and delightful things that benefits the chic, modern and empowered women (single or married).

What kind of moms or women would benefit from your blog?

Empowered women, Women who either work or not, its their choice. Women who are in control and are doers. Classy women, and not trendy women — there’s a huge difference! Women who are stylish and goes for “less is more.” Women who want to be wise with money.

We love to know how other moms manage their busy days! Tell us: What is a typical day is like for you as a mother?

This time around, when we moved here, Bangkok , I specifically made a choice not to work (In Singapore I managed and partly owned an art gallery) and focus my time on our youngest daughter since she is now in the pre-school age, and then invest more time in my blogging,  photography and other hobbies that interests me.  Little did I know that having no work, having all the time in your hands, is actually harder to manage.  I feel like time slips by so fast that you actually want to squeeze everything in when you can!

Mia with her youngest, Carmen

I am up at about 5:50 am, help the nanny drag the daughter to take her bath, eat her breakfast, drink vitamins and brush teeth, while I get ready and put on my workout clothes on.   We only have a window of about 40min for all that, screaming and crying included.  By about 6:30am, latest 6:40am, if we have to be on the road or else Bangkok traffic will ruin the schedule.  If traffic is good, we are in school by 7:10 to 7:15am which leaves her for a bit of playtime; I stay with her until the bell rings and she is off to class.  Then I’m off to buy coffee before my 8:30 am workout;  I either have a bootcamp , gym class or do a 5k run in the park near her school.

I’m home by about 10:30am, take my brunch and change.  If no errands, mummy lunches or meetings, etc, I am in front  my computer by 11:00am, catching up on emails, blogging, social media, doing a bit of photography,  till about 3:00pm pm or until the daughter arrives from school.    Then, we do her homework for about 30min, depends on her mood if she cooperates or not, before she can run off and play with her playmates, our neighbors  (I implemented the NO TV on school nights) while I either prepare our dinner.   If I am busy I let the nanny prepare, but instruct her what or how to do it.  Then I continue to do more computer time or finish my photography project.

Mia’s blog features snippets of her home like this, which are so Pinterest-worthy!

My son who is 17 and in the 10th grade, arrives around 4:00pm; I put on my teenage mom hat and do the usual: make sure he’s had his mid afternoon snack, remind him to do his homework and NO facebooking or twitter , put his spoiled clothes in the laundry room, etc.   By about 5:45pm or just nearly 6:00pm, the H arrives and then dinner is served.  We spend about an hour to an hour and a half catching up.  By about 7:45pm till about 8:20, we each have our own quiet time, until it’s time to put the daughter to bed 8:30pm, latest 8:45pm.  While she is in bed trying to sleep with the lights out (she sleeps in our room on the floor), I too lie down on my bed, reading emagz, or ebooks from my iPad.

By 10:00 pm, I quickly go out and remind the teen son not to stay up late and sleep as soon as he can. By about 10:30, hopefully, I am dozing off, tired from the day.  Occasionally, on weekends, we schedule a night out with friends or a date with the H, our alone time.

In a few words (or even a sentence), define what you believe is “mom bliss.”

Mom Bliss is seeing your family happy and content not because of material things, but because the family is together, having genuine fun and laughter over silly or trivia stuff.

What advice would you give to a new mom blogger?

Cliché as it may sound—just follow your instinct and do what will make you happy.  It’s never too late to learn the ropes of anything you are interested in.   Just make sure to plan and do consult experts who can help you implement your vision.

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