My little boy turned three years old — can you believe it? I hope you’ll enjoy these snippets of his happy days this past week. Well, days are often happy in our home, but these past few in particular were an extended birthday celebration, with Vito’s “official” birthday celebration on Thursday, the 8th of November, followed by an impromptu post-birthday dinner at my in-laws this Sunday night. To Vito’s delight, all his loved ones got him animal-themed gifts.

Birthday lunch on November 8th at Power Plant mall, with his grandparents, titos, titas and cousins. They took him shopping afterwards at his favorite stores.

Belated birthday dinner at the De Lunas’. More gifts, too, and lots of good food, including adorable cow-themed cookies ‘n’ cream macarons. Yum!

A million things are going through my mind right now, about what the next few years will look like as Vito gets older, curious-er and wiser. Right now, I’m enjoying each day that I can be with him, learning right along with him. I admit I haven’t a clue what to do, now that he’s a preschooler by society’s standards. I’m not up for a “mommy of the year” award, knowing how I manage our days in our defacto style of homeschooling (I prefer to call it “unschooling” actually), and how I try to juggle being a work-at-home freelancer with mommy duties.

But, no need to get into that right now. This week, I choose to stay amazed at the gift of life, at the gift that is Vito. Clearly, things are going to keep on being an uphill climb as far as parenting is concerned, but I won’t worry. I’m standing by the adage that I need to “train up my child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6), but I will do so with a gentle hand. Firm when needed, but always gentle, always looking to empower his best abilities, always looking to letting him shine.

I’m also blogging at the World Moms Blog about our version of school at this point in Vito’s life. In case you want to drop by for a read, do leave a comment, too. Happy Monday to you all!