Happy Birthday, Vito! You’re THREE today, hooray!

Will I ever stop being surprised that you get bigger, grow older? When you turned two, I said goodbye to your baby years. When you weaned, I said goodbye to your breastfeeding era. Now that you’re three, I really don’t know what to feel, to be honest. It’s another change altogether. I’ve learned that you are immensely capable of change, even if it seems you like the same things over and over again these days.

You’ll have to forgive Mommy for not knowing what to do most of the time. I’m still learning how to be a mom, just like you’re learning how to be a bigger kid. And you’re doing such a great job. In the last half of your second year, you learned how to do so many things, like how to pee standing up (yay) and how to say the prayer before meals all on your own. We started our “sort-of” homeschool midway through the year, too, and I began to jot down all the many different lessons you’ve been learning, even if it all seems like fun and play to you.

I’m glad for that. I hope that your next year will be filled with happy moments.

You know, every night, Daddy and I watch you sleep, and we wonder what you’ll be like when you get bigger. We imagine what you’d be like if you had a younger brother or sister, and we’d like to give you one, one day! Of course, that’ll mean some changes, and more letting go. But I know you can handle it. You’re such a strong, smart boy, and I know you’ll make an awesome big brother, if and when that day comes.

For now, enjoy your day. I know you will: We’re having a simple get-together, just with the family, the people who love you the most. I’ll probably tear up a bit, when you blow out your candles on your cake, but don’t worry about me. I’m just deliriously happy you’re you, and that you’re my little bear (or lion, or zebra, or whatever animal it is you decide you want to be today. Surprise me.)

Here’s to your imagination, your creativity, your curiosity, your sense of wonder, your unique brand of mischief, your happy moments. I love you very much, Vito.