speak dream loud

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately. I have a whole list of them, and in just a year, I’ve seen some major ones come to life. And why? Because I went out there and did something about them. I had to purposely go out of my comfort zones and just pursue them. Thanks to the help of wonderful people, these dreams were realized this 2012.

The first “dream” that came to life happened in a span of a couple of weeks, actually. I was asked to join a writing contest, about what I wanted to do before I turned 40, and well, I won! The prize: an all-expenses paid trip to Tuscany, care of CalChews and the Lifestyle Network. I will never forget this experience. It’s been a while since my first trip to Europe, when I turned 18. Paris was my favorite city back then, but I can easily say that Florence stole my heart this year and replaced Paris as my favorite city. I am definitely going back, with the hubby, one day!

tuscan blogger adventure calchews

Me in Florence, with the Duomo di Firenze at the back. Amazing.

The second dream I saw fulfilled had been in the works, even before that whirlwind trip to Tuscany. Some time in June, I stepped out and started planning my first workshop for work at home moms. It was an idea I’d been throwing around, among other mom bloggers and friends. It was through the WAHMerful Life Workshops that I saw the power of positive connections, of the mom community. I want to say a massive thank you to the Arboleda blogging fam, specifically Neva of Manila Mommy, who introduced me to her wonderfully-talented sister-in-law and blogger-entrepreneur, Ginger, of Manila Workshops.

I’m so glad I met Ginger, because she and I complement each other like… beignets and espresso? (There is nothing more sublime than this winning combination. I’m talking about the food, yes.) We both have the same heart for new paths to learning, and a passion for advocating thought leaders. I owe the WAHMderful Life’s success to Manila Workshops. They are the perfect partners for this endeavor.

wahmderful ways 2

After seeing these major goals fulfilled, I’m even more excited for 2013. It will be a year of many firsts, I just know it. For starters, it will mark Ton’s and my 5th wedding anniversary. Vito will officially be a pre-schooler, as we plan to make him take part in regular play group activities and extracurriculars, as a supplement to his homeschool formation. It will also mark three full years of blogging for me, and thus, three years of being a work at home mom. I have 2012 to thank for that last part, in particular, because 2012 was a year of seeing many of my life list items checked off.

Hello, 2013.

Starting 2013, my posts on being a work at home mom will have a new home. It is still in the works, but nonetheless, it is an exciting new place. Thanks to the success of the WAHMderful Life workshop, this movement for work at home moms has blossomed into a quaint and unique community of women, united in making a living while making a home.


WAHMderful Life will be my new website and work-at-home professionals concierge. It will be dedicated to articles, even job leads and other resources, for work-at-home-marrieds and work-at-home-moms. Yes, the WAHMderful life is not limited to moms; our lively Facebook community has welcomed wives and expectant moms warmly, and we’ve seen how helpful the camaraderie and encouragement has been for all. If you have stories to share about the work at home life, do send them my way! I’d love to publish it on WAHMderful Life, which will be dedicated to supporting and empowering work-at-homies, especially here in the Philippines.

Dainty Mom will still be here, of course! But I’m reserving it for posts about my life, my bliss, and my musings as a mom. So stay tuned for 2013, where I’ll surely be ticking off a couple more items on this life list of mine. (Stay up to date with me by subscribing to the Newsletter, where I often email subscriber-only news — and where you’ll get my free ebook for work at homemakerswhen you subscribe.

How about you? What are you looking forward to in 2013?