What a wonderful yet humbling way to start this Thursday, my favorite day of the week! I’m featured today on one of my favorite blogs, A Matter of Taste (aMoT, for short)! Mia Marchadesh-Jaranilla is the chic mom blogger behind aMoT, and one of my dear online friends. We actually “met” online out of a mutual love for blogging and creativity.

Thank you, aMoT, for having me over!

I’ve featured Mia before on my Mom Bliss series, and I am so happy to be her guest today on her blogger feature, “She-Blog”, where she interviews other women bloggers from around the world. Do hop on over to read the interview, where I talk about what got me started as a blogger, and the one thing I want people to know about me. (Can you guess what that might be? Well, check out the interview to find out.)