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I didn’t really know what to write today. It’s hard to believe this weekend happened, just days before Christmas.

Like many of you, I’m still shaken up about the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, which happened last weekend. I remember hearing the news and tearing up immediately. I did not know these children, of course. But I know lots of kids, and I was a teacher for a few years in a small school. And to hear about innocent children — some only six years old — brutally killed; to learn about the teachers who stood in harm’s way and gave their lives; and the parents… the parents of the victims, looking as if their hearts had been ripped out… it was all a little too much to take in. Especially as I watched my son, playing and running around freely in the garden of his grandma’s house last Saturday morning. Part of me felt grateful, yet another part felt heavy, even broken. How would I survive, if anything that horrific happened to my own little one?

The blogosphere is replete with posts and reflections, too. It’s strange that one of my favorite mom bloggers, Steady Mom, lives in Newtown. She wrote about her own reflections of the recent killings, and about the Newtown she knows, which is actually a beautiful, peaceful, and family-centric town. I hope you’ll take time to read it. Because even though this world can be a cruel, heartless place, it is never without hope.

Today, lift up a prayer for the mothers who lost their babies. That’s what I’ve been doing. It doesn’t seem enough nor right to simply send “positive vibes,” as we often say. Better to lift up prayers to an unseen yet always present God, whom I believe is still in control of this mixed up, messed up world.

Photo: Ann Voskamp

Photo: Ann Voskamp

How did you react to the recent news? What were your reflections?

Photo: Alesa Dam, Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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    There are hundreds of questions that’s left unanswered when tragedies like these happen. All we can do is pray, and trust in the Lord, and continue to nurture and love our kids, the children that God gave to us. The victims are in our prayers and may they find peace that surpasses all understanding.
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  2. Gen says

    I can not make sense of it all :( Being a teacher of kids that age, I simply cry whenever I remember those angels. I am certain though, that those children went straight to heaven, where Jesus welcomed them with the warmest of all hugs. I pray for all those left scarred by this tragic event… and that is all of us.

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    Same question, Martine… What if something as bad will happen to my little princess? Whether it is about gun control or mental illness, I leave that with the experts in the government. What I would like to focus on now is my role as a parent. Yes, the world can be cruel, heartless and unfair but I will do my best to raise Julia in a home where there is love and respect for God and for one another.
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    I was devastated by the news too. I kept sobbing every time I’d read a related article about the shooting. Yet, we who know, trust and love God know that He is still very much in control of this messed-up world we live in. And we can only hope and pray that His love and grace and healing envelop all those affected. I read Jamie’s post on Simple Homeschool too, and was very touched by it. Let us continue to pray for peace in the world, especially in our hearts.
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