I had never heard of Biscoff, until Jenny of Picky Palette began creating these marvelous baked goodies using the ever popular cookie butter. The photo above shows her yummy Biscoff-Stuffed White Chocolate Cookies.

Uh-huh. You heard me right: cookies stuffed with a dollop of Biscoff.

You have to go to her blog to see this recipe and the photos in all their glory. I remember tweeting her during my Lenten fast period, when I was abstaining from sweets, because I stumbled upon this recipe. She wished me the best of luck on my 40-day imposed flagellation of the soul (and of the hips, naturally), and I said I’d be back to try this recipe. But I never did, due to the lack of Biscoff in the local market.

Until now.

The Biscoff epiphany happened over high tea one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, with Frances of Topaz Mommy and Paola of Mommy Treats. Our gracious hostess Paola served up a nice spread of English muffins, plum jam, croque monsieurs and TWG macarons and TWG tea. (I brought along some lemon squares from Conti’s.)

Here was our spread.

But the star of the show that high tea was the glorious jar of Biscoff. 

“You can now buy Biscoff in Manila?!” I asked Paola.

Oh, yes, yes, you can!

Biscoff is a European cookie butter, made using Lotus Biscoff Cookies. It spreads on like peanut butter, and has distinct cookie taste that’s a cross between a cinnamon snap and a butter cookie. It’s made from all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artifical colors, and no nuts.

You can buy Biscoff in Manila from Lorena and Loreta on Facebook. They are Manila’s only Biscoff sellers, and they sell the stuff for just Php350.00 a jar.  Here’s their Facebook page, where you can fill up an order form for Biscoff and lots of other stuff. (They have Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter, too, in case you prefer that.) I ordered some Biscoff, and they got me my supply within 48 hours last week, before the long weekend.

“LIKE” Loren and Loreta on Facebook today, and get your Biscoff fix!