It’s getting closer to the date! January 26 will be the 2nd WAHMderful Life workshop, and those of us behind the scenes are excitedly preparing for it — for you, to be specific!

People have emailed asking about what’s going to happen then, particularly who will be at the workshop itself. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect and who will be speaking. I hope it will further excite you, because this day’s workshop will be more specific than our work at home moms 101 last October.

Break Out Sessions: VA biz and freelance writing

break out WAHMderful Life

Break Out Option 1: Virtual Assistance

This break out session will be facilitated by my two friends, Marge Aberasturi and Jennyfer Tan. Both ladies were in my last workshop, as part of the panel discussion; Marge gave her personal testimony as a WAHM. These two women have been work at home moms for much longer than I have, which is why their input will be very valuable to all you ladies looking for that at-home job that you can do.

The virtual assistance stream will focus mainly on:

  • Defining virtual assistance
  • How to create a work at home setup for virtual assistance
  • Different aspects of a VA business or freelance VA job

You can find out more information about Marge and Jenn at their respective websites, and

Break Out Option 2: Freelance writing (also editing and proofreading)

Yours truly, Martine de Luna, will be facilitating this stream. I’ll be talking about

The freelance writing stream will deal with:

  • How to start freelance writing as a sideline (This is from my experience doing sideline writing jobs, when I was not yet a full-fledged WAHM. Writing is a great job for those who have flexible schedules)
  • The what, why, where and how to learn: Where to look for training; where to find writing jobs
  • Different types of writing jobs that people are looking for: Article/Blog/Content writing; Creative writing

Plenary sessions

The first talks of the morning session will be on how work at home moms can start on investments and savings. I’ll also be giving you tips on productivity and organization as WAHMs.

In the afternoon (after the break out sessions), my good friend Denise Gonzales-Bernardo of INDIGO Baby will be giving a talk, entitled: “WAHM Case Study: The Story of Indigo Baby.” Denise (together with her business partner, Monica Eleazar-Manzano) began their company INDIGO Baby when they had their babies back in 2007.

denise WAHM


As staunch advocates and practitioners of breastfeeding, babywearing and attachment parenting, these moms both decided to be SAHM (stay-at-home-moms) so that they could take care of their babies hands-on. They eventually became work-at-home-moms when they gave birth to INDIGO Baby, a line of life-saving products that are good for mom and baby, good for the planet.

As a faithful INDIGO Baby product user, I am so excited to hear more about how this WAHM-business came to be — and how you can get inspired by their story.

Aren’t you excited? I know I am!