Blogger get-togethers are always fun, especially when they involve good food and great company. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to enjoy the company of two of my favorite bloggers, who have now become good friends. Today, I’ll talk about the first meet-up I had, which was with Mia Marchadesh-Jaranilla, of A Matter of Taste.

Mia and I started off on a purely “work-related” correspondence, when she was consulting me about rebranding her blog in the middle of 2012. I was with her throughout the journey, and she consulted me every step of the way as she gave her blog a facelift and a new life (thanks to another of my online friends, Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio). Since then, we’ve connected, chatted, even exchanged ideas and dreams. It’s a blessing what blogging and social media can be, especially when you meet people who really seem to click with you!

Around mid-February, Mia was in town for an art show, and we decided to meet up for brunch and tea at in Bonifacio Global City, so that we could try out the place and also talk a bit about something we both loved: photography.


I am a frustrated photographer. I used to take lots of photos, especially in the days when I used to do event coverage. During that time, I learned the basics: establishing shot, the rule of thirds, how to take a shot without nuances, etc. It was all pretty much ingrained into my system. I started off using a regular camera (a 1992 Pentax PZ-10 SLR, to be exact), which I mastered quite well, and then I moved on to using the then-newfangled digital SLR cameras. That was back when 3 megapixels still drew oohs and aahs.

Fast forward to today. I don’t own a fancy camera. In fact, I rely on my iPhone these days for many of the photos I take, such as the ones on this blog post. (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m an iPhone camera addict. Yes, that’s a subliminal command for you to add me to your feed.) I’m actually relieved that it takes excellent shots. Have a look-see.



The tea salon was as pretty as a picture, indeed. Lots of things to see, capture, and take in. The low tea set (pictured above) was satisfactory, though I was looking for clotted cream to go with my scones. (The madeleines and the warm pudding were quite pleasant though.

I found the macarons a bit tiny. That’s the pink macaron, beside a bite-size morsel of scone (with a dollop of lemon curd — yum) and a spoonful of pudding.




I actually don’t know why I stopped taking photos as diligently as I used to. Throughout high school, I went to school with a camera. I was known for taking photos all the time, even if I wasn’t part of the Photography Club. (I didn’t like the teacher in charge. Haha) But, I was always clicking. I’d ask my friends if I could take their photos; I’d be snapping away, all the time, capturing memories.

I told Mia about it, and my desire to get back into the game. Not professionally or anything, but for pure pleasure. I want to look at a photo and remember how much care I put into crafting that shot. I want to feel the romance of it all, the artistry, the passion. I want to capture memories, because I don’t want moments to slip me by without notice. She, being an artist at heart, understood me and my need for another creative outlet.


Mia and me: Friends in art and creativity. And also just friends! That’s the important thing!

Taking better photos this year is part of my 2013 blogging resolutions. I just want to go back to that place where I wrote stories in pictures, not words. I can do both quite well, I just haven’t been doing both as often as I’d like. I can change that now, because I’ve made a resolve to. But more than that, I want to create, capture and keep memories alive, in whatever way I can. After all,


Get inspired by great photography when you visit Mia’s blog at Follow her also on Instagram (@miaymarch_amatteroftaste), where you’ll also find me daily (mostly), taking snippets of my life and curating the bliss I see. Follow me: @dainty_mom)