You can never be too late to capture memories.

One of my blogging goals this year was to “take back the blog.” For me, that meant separating work from pleasure, which I’ve done — quite WAHMdefully, I should say. I wanted to have more space to write about my stories, my life outside of the work-at-home theme the blog carried on for the past two years. I wanted to go back to my bliss, and I’m enjoying the journey, the planning of the posts, the re-living of the memories.

Which is why I’m sad. Now that I have time to write about the silly and sweet, one of the linkups I’ve discovered, Memories Captured, will be closing its doors — at least for a few months. (If you’ve never read it, Memories Captured is a linkup that encourages bloggers each month to capture the moments that “catch our hearts and hold our memories.” It’s a project of love between Galit Breen and Alison Lee, and I’m rather sad I only got to join now. But, Memories Captured will be back in June… so I guess we’ll make more memories for then!)

But, I’ve learned that it’s never too late to wear your heart on your sleeve (or on your blog, in this case). So I’m seizing the last chance, Alison. But I want to thank you, for starting this linkup when you did, and for still letting me join, even at the last minute.


I don’t know what it is about the third year of a kid’s life. I thought it would feel the same as the first or the second, but this time around, it’s drastically different. He says so many things, asks so many questions, and makes many demands. Sometimes I feel like it’s him leaving me behind. Is that normal?

Some days I like to think that I’ll get used to him shooting up, getting taller, losing more and more of the “baby-ness” that I’ve grown so familiar with, yet have seen fade as quickly as he’s learned alphabet sounds.

Now he’s drinking green smoothies.


The days when I was carrying him around my mom’s garden (in a sling), teaching him words like “tree”, “leaf” and “bird, ” seem like a distant dream. Last week, at 3 years and 2 months old, he was fascinated about watering the plants using the power hose.


“Look, Mama: They are growing!”



I tell him that water makes the plants and flowers grow. I said that the trees would reach up to sky, to where the sun could smile on them. That seemed to amaze him to no end, and on this particular day, I could not pull him away from the garden. He might have watered the plants for a good half hour, not that anybody minded. But, in the back of my mind, I wondered: What will he find fascinating tomorrow? How many wonderful things will amaze him at four years old — or fourteen? What would be his next fixation?

Most of all: Could my heart and mind grow any bigger, to capture all these moments?

Well… at least, for as long as I can write, or take a photo, they can.

Maybe one day, he’ll read this blog in his teendom and think I’m silly. Maybe he’ll laugh; maybe he’ll cringe. I don’t really worry about it. What matters is that I remembered… and I kept the memory of this afternoon alive.

There’s still time to join the last day of Memories Captured. Link up until 9PM Eastern, February 15.



  1. says

    Wonderful post as always, Martine. Sometimes I catch myself writing more about only to realize that my reason for starting a blog is to document my Lucas’ childhood (in case momnesia kicks in a few years from now :) ) I to meet you soon! Too bad you missed the last playdate we last Sunday.
    Maggie recently posted..PinkMy Profile

    • says

      Hi, Maggie!

      I know what you mean. Well, it’s good that a blog is a personal space. That means you can do what you want with it. We don’t have to be dictated by what we see others doing. Sometimes, we have to get clarity about why we began in the first place: to share, to connect, and to form bridges between our blogs and those of others who share the same ideas and passions. I admit, I began having my doubts about blogging as I got deeper into it, but now that I’ve separated work from pleasure, I’m appreciating it more.

      I was sad I didn’t make it last week! I couldn’t find the details in my email/Facebook, anywhere! Next time, let’s all meet up again. Would love to connect with other moms!

    • Martine says

      Hi, Ruth — my dear friend!

      Yes, I am quite glad about this. It’s going back to my “why” for blogging. It’s quite liberating now that I’ve separated my work/advocacy from my little “I, me, mine” space, you know? I’m looking forward to an inspiring year of writing!

  2. Kara says

    I can relate to “makes demands”. This is one of my challenges right now. How to make my baby girl happy without me always giving in.

    • Martine says

      Oh, yes! I can totally relate, Kara! He’s in the “tender 3’s” now, which means he gets more, well, emotional about things. I’ve had more than my fair share of firm “No!’s” from him, when he doesn’t want to follow instructions or do what he’s told. Believe you me, it’s hard. It’s not easy to see your sweet little boy become, well, a little boy!

    • Martine says

      Thanks, Denise! I definitely don’t have the monopoly on writing from the heart; I think lots of mommy bloggers now just choose to write about other things. I admit, the sponsored posts, the “business” side of blogging tired me. While I do still have engagements with brands and businesses, I’d like to give more deliberate attention to the “why” of this blog, which is MY bliss. If other people/brands/businesses want to ride on that, then perfect. I’d like to show that I can do a kickass job of writing a good essay or inspirational piece as well as I can do any sponsored post or paid engagement. I’ve learned, and now I know better. :)

  3. says

    I’ve been in a blogging rut because sometimes, all I think of is posting helpful entries for the blog visitors. I forgot why I started blogging in the first place. Reading your post made me realize that it was the moments and memories that I wanted to capture in the first place, until I read up more and saw other people’s blogs and became too conscious of my blog. Thanks so much Martine for sharing this. You made me realize that I should go back to my center, my purpose why I started my blog in the first place. TIme and time again, I have to remind myself to write to express and not impress. Whew! Thanks Martine! love love 😉

    • Martine says

      Hi, Chrissy! I totally get you. I do like posting helpful entries, of course… but for a while, that’s ALL I was posting. I missed out on several opportunities to write stories, when in fact, that’s why I became a writer. I didn’t want to be a journalist , not full time, anyway. I didn’t want to become a magazine writer exclusively either. And I’ve held both jobs; just saying. But, the “why” of me becoming a writer was to write stories. That’s what I fell in love with when I was a teen, and that’s what I’ve always been good at. I will still do some sponsored opps and helpful posts, of course… but I want them to be about my “bliss.” Again, this is why I changed the theme of this blog in the first place.

      Let’s commit to write blissfully! Won’t you join me? :)

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