Blogging school, that is. Yes, that’s right: I’m in blog school for the whole of March. After months of being on the watch list, I am finally enrolled in Holly Becker’s “Blog Boss” decor8 e-course this March, and I’m thrilled! I received my student access pass on Friday afternoon, and spent the evening familiarizing myself with the student interface and dashboard.

It really is like being back in school all over again.

Except that it’s a really pretty school. See? 

decor8 blogging your way ecourse

I got to look at the syllabus, too, and it looks like a power-packed yet inspiring month of learning. The whole package is exactly what I need so that this little blog of mine can be better on all sides, editorially, and even spiritually. Nothing sleazy, nothing “sales-y,” just great material from creative teachers — all successful bloggers. (You can read about them here.)

This will be the longest course I’ve ever taken on blogging. We’ll be collaborating and connecting as “class mates,” and it looks like it’ll be an inspired four weeks. I can’t wait to start. So, if it seems like I’m laying low on the blog this month, it’s maybe because I’m busy doing course work! I’m still here, always! In fact, it’s my blog’s 3rd anniversary at the end of March, which means I’ll be having my annual blogaversary contest for all my sweet and loyal readers.

I’ll see you guys real soon. Wish me luck!