Blog Boss inspiration slide


I love this quote by my blogging mentor, Holly Becker. Don’t you love it, too?

It’s our last week in the Blog Boss class by Decor8. In the past almost four weeks, I’ve been so blessed, both as a blogger and a woman. I’ve connected with women from across the globe, all passionate and purposeful about blogging and creative living. I am really glad that I enrolled!

To be honest, I was actually going to enroll in another online business school this March. Still, something inwardly was telling me to go for the Decor8 course for now. Little did I know that it was for a deeper purpose than just turning this blog into a business. (I did learn how to do that though. Exciting.) More than learning how to create a successful blog or brand though, what I’ve really been learning are —

… how to savor life;

… how to find meaningful connections in the stories of my life;

… how to live creatively, with intention;


… how to find joyful incidents and visualize these happily and creatively through my blog.

Blog Boss has really been a course in purposeful living, and how to utilize creative platforms to live your best life (and even make a living from it, if the stars align). Sounds very Oprah-ish, I know! But when you think about it, having a purpose and a vision is what will make blogging worthwhile, and even timeless. (Personally, it’s made me take a step up. It’s made me look at how I live, how I work, even how I appreciate both the good and the not-so-good in my life.)

And that’s what really takes a blogger from blogging to being a blog boss. 


I’ve shared the branding changes that will be taking place here on Dainty Mom, and I’ll be working with my genius partner in online magic, Fancy Girl Design Studio. (Patricia will be helping me execute my vision into a new design for this blog. Can’t wait for you all to see it! It’s my first-ever attempt at designing anything actually, so I’m a bit nervous! Wish me luck.)

My excitement to write, to document, and more importantly, to savor life — all these have been renewed. Granted I’ve been crazy busy this month (balancing online class attendance and homework with my usual work!), March has been incredibly satisfying. As I move forward from here, I’ll be taking more photos, telling more stories, looking more deeply into what can become stories. I’m also living out several of my blogging resolutions for this year:  attending Blog Boss, for one; co-conducting an amazing Blog Inspired workshop this April with other creative women bloggers; launching my first creative writing workshop for mom bloggers in May.

Awesome. Who’d have thought, right?

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