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This post is actually horribly delayed! My family and I visited the Takatak Project studio last May 12, Mothers’ Day, because I had ordered two lovely takas for our home. I’d like to thank Mary Velmonte for being so nice to us and giving us merienda during our visit. 

I’ve always loved to create things with colors, paint, oil pastels. I used to sketch as a child, and in middle school, I pretty much ruled in arts and crafts. I love handmade, DIY stuff too, which is why when I heard about The Takatak Project, I was immediately smitten.

Digression: I absolutely love horses. See, I never had one growing up, but I always had horse toys (My Little Pony; She-Ra’s Swift Wind, etc.), and I bought all these horse books. In fact, the very first book I ever bought for myself was in 1986 from the MV Logos when it stopped by Hong Kong, and I still have it:

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So yeah, I kinda love horses.

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I had a chance to meet Mary Velmonte, one of the founders of Takatak Project, at her creative studio in Quezon City. Together with her partners, she wanted to revive a generation’s appreciation for the traditional art of making the taka, papier mache horses. They also wanted to provide jobs of the local craftsmen who made these horses, as well as support the young artists who paint the lovely designs onto the horses.

After some chips and cola (Thanks, Mary!), we explored the studio for some one-of-a-kind finds. Here were some of our favorites:



takatak animals

Mary explained that the molds for the paper horses come straight from Paete, Laguna (a province south of Metro Manila, for my international readers). The word “taka” actually refers to the process of creating the molds, which eventually became a colloquialism that referred to the horses, the most common “takas” in Paeta. Even in Paete, Mary explained, the takas were getting harder to come by, which then prompted her and her partners with the idea to “resurrect” the craft, with a modern twist.

And I’m so glad they did! I remembered takas from my youth, when we’d visit my grandfather’s farm in Laguna. We’d see the traditional red takas for sale along the highways. Now, the Takatak Project is reviving the craft using the traditional method for creating the takas, and fusing it with wonderful designs.

In fact, you can purchase DIY Taka Kits! These are great for craft events, whether with your mom friends or as an activity during your kid’s next party!

takatak project DIY kits

These owls are actually part of a collaboration between Takatak Project and other businesses or events. Yes, you can contact the Takatak team if you want to collaborate! This is a great idea if you’re looking for unique decor for your home, or even a quirky giveaway during birthdays.

takatak project owls

So I mentioned I love horses, and I never got to own one — until today, hah! I am the proud owner of two takas, both of which have found their places at home.

Grey Leaf (from the Spring 2013) is beside my desk…


… while the smaller watercolor florals horse (whom I call “Selah” now, also from the Spring 2013 Collection) is atop my shelf in our bedroom.

takatak project slide 3

You could say these are an adult’s own “my little pony,” haha!

I love how chic these Takatak Project horses (and other animals) are. And yet, it is distinctly “Pinoy”, which completes its charm. I love how the Takatak Project team has taken what could have been a forgotten traditional craft into hip, sought-after art pieces. These are sure to add a delightful touch to any home, so think about getting one (or several!) for yourself. I particularly like the Spring 2013 collection because of their pretty pastels and florals, but they have other styles available as well. (As of this writing, you can view other styles over at My Marquee PH and Seek the Uniq).

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