I’ve been waiting since February for Memories Captured to return. (Thanks, Galit and Alison, for hosting this.) I can’t believe how fast the months have gone by. Now that it’s back, I look forward to sharing my mom-moments with fellow bloggers who’ve chosen to capture their memories through photos and words.

My son is three and a half as of this writing. And to be honest, I’m a bit scared that the years are going by so quickly.

Every day, a part of me worries if I am doing things right (or if there is a “right” way to this parenting thing at all).

Sometimes I lie awake beside him at night, wondering if I’ll ever be able to fall asleep without him cuddled close to me in a bundle. He’s asked for his own bed, and I’ve said yes…. but how come I’ve not made the moves to buy one?

I think it’s because I’m still afraid to let go… to look forward.

A huge part of me seems to feel like I need to hold him back, though my heart and mind knows I should be moving forward with him.

No one ever said watching your child grow up would be this hard…

… or that I’d have to take several “last looks” into his youth.

Maybe it’s me wishing for another baby to, well, baby.

Maybe I’m not ready to be a mom to a preschooler. (He starts twice-a-week preschool classes this month.)

Maybe I’m a little uncertain about where to go from here.

All I know is: He’s always taking long looks ahead. He knows he wants to take bigger leaps.

I just have to be as brave.

memories captured

This is part of Memories Captured, a monthly blog linky hosted by Galit and Alison. You can join in, too: Just capture a moment or a someone that you love in words and photos, create a blog post, and share it with the linky. The important thing is to capture the moments, relive the memories.