Write On Mom Workshop

The 2nd “Write On” Workshop — a creative writing workshop for inspired women — was held last Saturday at La Creperie Maison. There were ten ladies in attendance, all of whom were eager to become better writers, more inspired bloggers. I had the privilege of moderating the session, wherein we talked about being the “editors-in-chief” of our blogs.

Why the “editor-in-chief”? Well, that’s a role close to my heart. You see, I’ve been immersed in the world of publishing and editing for as long as I’ve been working. My first on-the-job/internship was when I was around 17; I was an editorial assistant for a small publishing company that produced inspirational magazines and books. Since then, I’ve always been doing some kind of writing or editing work, which are both skills I use now as a freelancing WAHM.

write on workshop 2

To make the long story short: I use what I’ve learned and experienced from around 14 years in publishing towards my blog, my clients, and my workshops. My goal is to help more bloggers unleash their creativity through inspired blogging, and the Write On Workshop is just one way I hope to fulfill that goal.

Which brings me back to this workshop. Our topic for the day? The “About” page of of our blogs!

Why this particular page? Well, because it’s one of those pages we forget to spend time on! A blog’s “About” page is defined by many pro bloggers and experts as the “pillar” of a blog or website. It’s the one page that needs to explain the “who, what, why, how” of a blogger, so that readers can immediately connect with the blogger from the get-go. It’s also one of the most difficult pages to write well… hence, our workshop! We all basically wanted to write this particular blog page with clarity, with direction, in a way that was aligned with our personal brand.

Since I’m re-running this workshop, I won’t give details about the lessons. I’ll just let the pretty pictures show you that we had lots of fun!

write on workshop 1 write on workshop soul words

Here’s what some of the moms had to say about this workshop:

The workshop was very helpful to me. Not only did it give me tips on how to create my About Page, it also gave my blog a sense of direction. I love the mood board activity. It was my first time to make one!  I can really visualize now what I want my blog to look like. Thanks to Martine!  Janice, Roller Coaster Ride 

The workshop was so refreshing and fun! By the end of the afternoon, I now have a clearer understanding on how to craft my About page. I’ve come across very good About pages as examples but it is with this workshop that I really gained insights and a sense of direction. I super super enjoyed the mood board activity! It makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it before for my blog?!!  Now, I want to make mood boards for every task, hahaha. I’m a visual person so this exercise really helped me a lot. My center, my focus was brought out by this fun exercise. — Chrissy, changingnappiesinhighheels.com

I’m really glad that I attended this workshop! I learned so much from you, Martine! I love how you helped us find our unique voice! It’s wonderful how you’re helping other mommy bloggers hone our craft. Your tips are so helpful! Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom with us!  I also loved meeting all the other mommy bloggers! Such a beautiful community! And yes, I loved the mood board activity too!  — Anj, fromatozo.com

The workshop still helped me see my blog as an extension of myself…more of a reflection of who I am, what I believe in, the message I want to share out there, and the story behind that message. The About Me page is a good starting point; it is like giving a face to my blog name. The moodboard activity was a fun exercise in helping me rethink about and make some improvements on my About Page. Also, listening to others was inspiring and encouraging! — Racquel, beyondbooksandwalls.com

Write On Mom Workshop ClassWorkshop classmates: (Top) me, Monica, Patty, Janice, Chrissy, Anj, Chinky. (Seated): Hana, Racquel, Rhiza, and Marge.

I have a secret Facebook group for all classmates and past attendees of the Write On Workshops. We share insights with each other, and support one another through blog-loving, comments, and encouragement. I also give follow-up tips on writing and branding, which I don’t share anywhere else! So if you’d like “in” on this exclusive group, then join one of the Write On Workshops. (There’s one this coming July, so I hope you can make it!)

To register for the upcoming Write On Workshop (which includes access to our private, classmates-only Facebook group, reserve a spot here: Write On, Mom: Thinking Editorially (Re-Run)