I’m super excited about the next installment of the Write On Workshops. The first two workshops (“What is Story”? and “Thinking Editorially”) were great on their own, but this particular one — which I’ve called “Your Blog, Your Bliss” — is quite close to my heart. I’m taking three years worth of blog experience and condensing (some of) it into an afternoon learning session.

I want to make one thing clear, though: The Write On creative writing workshop isn’t just about blogging. It’s about finding your bliss, and unearthing that sense of wonder inside you, in a way that makes you come alive. It’s about creating your online home and staying inspired as you keep it. It’s about tapping into the writer inside of you, and drawing her out on to your online platform.


If you :

  • love your blog, but need an inspired boost;
  • want to improve in your online writing;
  • want to use your blog as a vehicle or instrument to spread your own blissful, happy message or cause…
… then join us on August 24. We’ll be learning how to create blog features that’ll give your online home more zing. We’ll also talk about practical stuff, like how to find time to write for your blog. Finally, we’ll discover how we can tap into sources of inspiration, so that we’re blogging from the heart.

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And you know what the best part of all this is? Being able to learn all of these things with other women, just like you and me. The Write On community is an awesome opportunity to connect with women who, like you, want to write better and be happy as bloggers, but more than that, they want to simply find joy in living.

(Plus, we have an exclusive, positive and friendly Facebook community that grows after every workshop! Every participant in a Write On Workshop gets an exclusive pass into this secret forum!)

So, go ahead. Sign up now!

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