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My “Dainty Dozen” link round-ups used to be where I’d place my net-read finds for the week. I’ve rebranded it as “Links You’ll Love.”


My client Vanessa guest posted at Slow Your Home recently, and I love her poignant piece, Can you still own a Birkin and be a Minimalist?

Amanda Griffin-Jacob shares her insights on a very real yet difficult “tug-of-war” that all moms face.

The Me-Time Wife makes some very good points on why making time for the meaningful is essential.

These ice cream cookie sandwiches over at Elsie’s blog are drool-worthy.

Frances goes all 80’s, with a trigger song reminding her about commitment. 80’s songs have such an effect, don’t they?

Holly asks if you’ve ever thought about your fashion style. As a non-stylish person myself, I’ve never really sat down about this. You?

Rhiza over at Chasing Dreams has some practical tips on getting your blogging groove on — 5 tips, to be exact. And I love them all. You will, too.

Adair on Sweet Lemon Mag created a tribute playlist for Cory Monteith. I’m so sad; I will miss him. I’m a Glee fan and unashamed of it.


My writing elsewhere:

Today on The Work at Home Woman, I share some anti-stress hacks for women solopreneurs, which I really learned after a period of toxic, draining stress. (What other kind is there?)

Have you got any interesting reads? Share them with me in the comments? I’m always on the lookout for blog candy.