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Vito and I love crepes! And last August 2, we attended the brunch and blessing of La Creperie’s newest branch — fondly called La Creperie Boheme — in my neighborhood of New Manila, Quezon City.

This is the fifth branch of La Creperie, and it’s by far the most intriguing of them all, concept-wise. Here’s what you’ll see as soon as you step through the wrought iron doors.

la creperie boheme interior

You’ll notice the signature white wicker chairs and damask chairs right away, which are present in all of La Creperie’s branches. But for me, what makes the New Manila branch a hint more charming is its deliberate mixing of the old and the new, the chic and the, well, bohemian, hence its “buzz name,” Boheme. (Or, as I like to say, “elegantly hipster.” Haha.)

The building where the creperie stands is at the corner of the busy E. Rodriguez Avenue and Broadway Avenue, New Manila, which is generally a quiet residential community. I used to live in New Manila, up until I got married, so to have the creperie in my old neighborhood is definitely a treat!

boheme slide 1

boheme 1

This host’s counter-cafe bar and wine bar is super European, just like cafes in Paris. Love it!

As I said in the beginning, Vito and I were invited to the blessing and brunch, during Boheme’s soft opening last August 2. Well, the creperie had been on soft opening for about 3 weeks already, but it was only at the beginning of August that Christine Laman and Cheese Ledesma Ong — the lovely co-founders and owners — felt everything was finally in place.

It was the yummiest brunch ever. Check out the spread!

boheme food 3

Assorted crepes in different incarnations. Délicieux!

boheme food 2 boheme food 1 la creperie spinach crepe

la creperie burnch la creperie boheme food

la creperie make crepes

The dessert buffet — make your own crepes! Loved this!

la creperie crepe samurai la creperie fruit salad

I loved the desserts! Note, these items are not available on the regular menu, as this was a private brunch and blessing. Still, it’s worth mentioning that the food on the regular menu is awesome, well-thought out and yummy.

My little date loved the cappellini pasta and the savory crepe cake. He took the opportunity to make some drawings as well, especially while mommy talked with the other guests.

boheme vito la creperie vito 2

This was the crepe that he created at the buffet. It’s a plain sweet crepe, topped with strawberries, a bit of cream, and drizzle with dulce de leche and salted caramel. (You can actually make your own crepes, it’s part of the creperie’s regular menu selection.)

la creperie vitos own crepe

I personally love all the small details in the creperie. Because the owners are very much “DIY-ers” in their approach to the business, they don’t get an interior designer to do the decor. That’s why you’ll notice everything has a very personal, organic touch, from the platters and plates used, to the paintings on the walls and the accent pieces around the restaurant.

la creperie vito 3 la creperie boheme

And, unlike their other branches, La Creperie Boheme will have a selection of good wines and good reads for their guests.

la creperie boheme 1

la creperie corner IMG_5397

Did you know that they also serve breakfast? Yup, so if you are looking for an alternative to the regular breakfast haunts this side of town, try La Creperie Boheme. We loved their Angus beef tapa and chicken tocino — two classic Filipino breakfast meals consisting of garlic rice, eggs, and homestyle cured meat.


Thank you so much, Christine and Cheese, for inviting us to the opening. Can’t wait to spend more time in your lovely new place!

la creperie boheme chris cheese

(L-R: Our brunch spread; top — Cheese; Christine: Vito, and moi; bottom right: Christine Laman and me.

So if ever you are in the Quezon City, New Manila area and want to hang out, stop by La Creperie Boheme. Affordable meals using great ingredients, and a charming ambiance that you won’t soon forget. Also: They’re opening up a second floor dining area which can also be a venue for small parties and events. I’m for sure going to hold one of my writing workshops here!

la creperie boheme entrance

La Creperie “Boheme”

66-D Broadway Avenue

New Manila, Quezon City 1112