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This has been quite a busy week for me. Apart from helping a client launch a new project, I had to deal with some domestic matters that got me semi-stressed: Our fridge conked out! Yup, bye-bye ref. Still, it was a good turn of events in the end, because I had been contemplating getting a bigger fridge anyway. Our 8.5 cubic foot ref had seen us through almost six years of pantry stocks, even stored breastmilk (yay for me!). It’ll always have a sentimental spot, being the first big appliance we ever owned as a newly-married couple back then.

I’m actually excited about our new and bigger fridge, which is arriving on Saturday afternoon. We actually bought it last night, making a quick trip to SM to select the next star of our kitchen.


Paid in full… like God, for my salvation. LOL.

I’m just thankful that God provides, and that we could afford this new purchase! It’s the first time I’ve ever bought a fridge, so I feel a sense of accomplishment. (Will probably go on a semi-OC fridge organizing trip on Sunday… I can feel it.)

Next item: Kitchen Aid mixer or Brevill Juicer? (Or rather, sugar-promoter vs. raw revolutionizer?)

Good things always come to those who want to see them as good. Right?

While I bemuse my soon-to-be-delivered fridge, here are some links this week that provided some uplifting vibes.


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