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Frances shared this article with me, on how some of the Philippines’ biggest bloggers are totally raking it in on their blogs. Much of it isn’t new information; we’ve all known for some time that these big players were making a lot from their online homes. The numbers are quite staggering when you read them, so you’ve been warned! (Take some time to read it before you continue with this post.)

After reading that article, I realized (again) something very clear to me:

I know I’ll never be the “ideal” lifestyle blogger. 

First of all, I’d not be the best judge for what’s trendy, what’s “in” or what the go-to places are. I’m such a homebody, that it takes a lot to get me out of the house just to try out a restaurant, or shop in a new boutique. In fact, the very idea of being out of the house often gets me tired!

Secondly, I take ages to spend money on anything, whether it’s clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, services — whatever. That’s why you’ll hardly find me posting about stuff I’ve tried, or bought. You also won’t find me posting about the latest sale or bazaar, or shopping event, because it’s really not my cup of tea to go to such things. And If ever I do go and end up writing about it, it’s because I had a good experience, one good enough to merit some blog space!

Also, I don’t follow many lifestyle bloggers, therefore I can’t relate with the whole “lifestyle blogging” scene. The only ones I regularly check out are Jenni Epperson, Daphne, and similar ladies based in the Philippines. Most of the blogs I follow are either homemaking, DIY, design & living, and parenting blogs, like Simple Mom or Design Mom, women who are very different from the quintessential “influential bloggers” we have here in the Philippines: they blog less about products or the latest “in” things, but more on “how to live” and the art of living well, even without the latest products or services.

My blogging mentors — the bloggers I look up to the most — are indicative of the kind of blogging style I am comfortable with. These mentors — who have all been hands-on teachers of mine — are pretty straightforward people. Jess Lively, for instance, blogs about intentional living (living with purpose); Holly Hanna blogs solely about working from home; Holly Becker blogs about spaces, homes and stuff for the home, and my current mentor Jonathan Mead blogs about pretty disturbing stuff, like quitting a dead end job and following your passion.

Not your usual blog roster, but each to her own, right?


So, if I don’t write often about where I ate, what I wore, or where I went, it’s because I didn’t feel the urge to write about it. (Or it wasn’t that important in the first place.) That’s fine. I do not have the highest rate card, or the biggest paid campaigns, but that’s perfectly fine with me. I am happy to have made wonderful connections with past and present sponsors who have appeared on the blog, whose brands I have written about. I’m happy to partner with a curated few, whom I don’t feel prodded to blog about, but proud to represent, support or advocate.

For everything else: I’d rather just write to you… about writing, blogging, “mom-ing,” and my random thoughts, like this post… You know, things we can all relate to.

So even if I don’t become rich from blogging, I would have at least learned that I can be abundant at other things…. like helping other people blog, or begin a website of their own, or even launch a small business that lets them do what they love, while they spend time with the people they love. I love that I can do this daily in my new line of work, which involves working with bloggers, small business owners, and women who’ve chosen a homebased lifestyle. And you know what? This new work of mine would not have been possible without the Dainty Mom blog and its readers! Neither would the work-at-home mom workshops and the idea-share events (like Blog Inspired), if not for you, the readers who come back here to my little nook online.

It’s you, dear readers, who have made blogging an enriching, encouraging journey for me.

That’s why community around this blog is what compels me to be online. (For those who’ve attended the Write On Workshop, you’ll know that “community” is one of my “soul words,” right?)

Like I said in my previous post: Social media, blogging and being online has been a gift to me as a work-at-home mom. A lot of my friends today have been people I met online, through this blog. If you take all the “lifestyle posts” here — stuff I’ve blogged about, services I’ve reviewed, events I’ve attended — what matters most are blog posts like thisthis and this.

Because being with you moms and friends — especially the readers I’ve actually met, made friends with, (and some I’ve even gone into business with!) — that’s what makes me tick.

What are your thoughts on today’s post? I’d love if we can chat about it in the comments!