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This is inspired by my mentor Holly Becker’s post on

Last week, Holly of decor8 released one of her not-so-often-published posts on the matter of blogging. Now, I take Holly’s opinion on this matter to heart, because it’s something that’s pressed on my mind pretty much this whole year. It’s why I made my blogging resolutions and why I put more of my heart and soul into my blogging & writing workshops and into a new small business that helps bloggers.

Dainty Mom is mainly a blog about me, about the little things I love (hence, the “dainty”), and about my little discoveries in a journey towards happiness and bliss. It’s taken me a long road to get to where I am today, as a blogger, and though I’m no celebrity blogger, I’ve built up a rather large loyal community around this space.

Believe me, it still baffles me daily, and I am humbled by the thought. Though I have made mistakes in the past as a blogger, I’ve always been honest with you, dear readers, about my inner conflicts as a non-ideal lifestyle blogger, and a struggling mommy blogger. And, I’ve always made it a point to share my struggles with you about this. I really thank you for sticking it out with me, because I really am working on making an online home that’s a true and authentic expression of what I love: writing, family, “bliss-finders” and making a home.

Which brings me to my point…

Blogging is meant to be joyful

In the book I’m reading, Creating Your Best Life, one of the “happiness” strategies that the authors recommend is journaling, or, the documentation of life events. Since blogging is a form of documentation (i.e. we record events, through photos, through stories, etc.), it may also be considered “close relative” of journaling, at least for people who are comfortable with the medium. Writing — whether on a blog or in a typical diary-journal) — has proven psychological effects: According to studies, “self-disclosure through writing appears to regulate our moods by giving us a safe emotional outlet, a way to put life into perspective, and a fresh way to ignite hopefulness about the future.” (Adams Miller & Frisch, 2009.)

create your best life book

Reading my current “a-ha moment” book at Borough last Saturday while waiting for a blog coaching client.

When I read this particular excerpt, I realized:

My blog should be about more than just my opinions and recommendations. It should be a place where I celebrate my joys and ignite my hopes and dreams.

I know, I know; it’s a seemingly narcissistic statement, isn’t it?

But what can I say: It’s absolutely true. The reason why people read blogs in the first place is because they want to get to know the person behind the posts, the photos, the stories. The reason I’m fascinated by the Pioneer Woman‘s luscious and drool-worthy photos is because I am truly interested in the person behind the lens. It’s the same reason why I love Nicole of Making it Lovely, because I find it inspiring that she can create a beautiful home and make a living from her passion for decorating.

We want to understand what makes them come to life, what makes them “tick”, and even how they are currently getting through a particular phase or life stage.

This is also why I set up my blog coaching service, as a way to help other inspired bloggers tell their stories.  I realized that aside working with small businesses and little companies, individual bloggers also wanted to have the tools to help them achieve their personal goals, as storytellers in their own right. After all, a great blog is all about being able to tell stories, right? Yes, even if it is a lifestyle blog or a product review blog: Without a story, a blog cannot radiate with joy.

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Blog prompts by my client, Dette of Banana Bellie Boo, a creative reflection blog

As I begin this new work week, I go back to my purpose as a blogger: to find bliss in the moments that make up my life as a wife, mom, writer. This is why I call myself a “bliss-finder” now, because I truly and honestly desire to juice the happiness out of life. It’s why I put up a life listbecause I believe that I can share my bliss-making journey with you (and possibly hold myself accountable to you as a way to achieve my goals!).

I hope this week, you come alive on your blog again. I hope you come alive every day, even on those days when you write a rant or recall a struggle. As Hemingway says, “There is nothing to writing: All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed”; may you bleed with passion, with opinions, with heartache, with joy, with humor.

But most of all, with life.