The last installment of the Write On Workshop dwelt on the topic “Your Blog, Your Bliss,” and was by-far the most-attended workshop of the lot! We had 22 participants, which meant we filled Kuppa to the brim (pardon the pun). Thanks for coming, ladies! You can read some of the after-event posts by the ladies here:

Patty’s post (which was a take-home from the workshop — loved this post!)  |  Ging’s post   |    Joy’s post   |  Hana’s post (on a previous workshop)

Good news! We’re holding another round of this workshop, but better. We’re combining the best of everything, and giving it in one, new and improved afternoon.

Won’t you join us on the 21st of September?

Information is on the poster below, and the registration form is also below. Hope to see you there! For questions, just leave a comment on this post, or email me through the Contact form here on the site:

Write On - Brand Bliss