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I think Lotte Xylitol made the right choice in picking me to be one of their Brand Believer moms. Honestly, if there was anyone who was more obsessive about Vito’s dental health, I’d be surprised. Unless you’re my grandmother who’s an award-winning orthodontist, or my aunt who is our family dentist.

Vito brushes around thrice daily: upon waking up, after lunch, and then after dinner. If he happens to eat something super sticky and sweet, I give him lots of water to help wash it down, and then I brush his teeth again.

As for me, I always have a tube or tub of Xylitol around, so I can get a quick “chew for prevention” in between work (or during — it’s so convenient!). My current fave is Blueberry Mint (the purple variant):


Having things organized and handy when it comes to taking care of my family’s teeth; now that makes things blissful, right? That’s why it made me real happy when Lotte Xylitol’s website launched some cool resources to help us get organized! In fact, the Downloads area of the site has got some great tools we can use with to help us track our family’s oral health. And the best thing is that it’s all FREE!

They’ve got charts, y’all!

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 1.45.45 AM

The Charts

1. The Teeth Care Chart is a weekly checklist that can help you track and ensure that your child gets to daily brush his teeth, floss and take Lotte Xylitol.

2. The Primary Teeth Tracker lets you monitor and record when your kid’s baby teeth erupt and then subsequently lost.

3. The Permanent Teeth Tracker lets you monitor and record when your kid’s permanent teeth start showing.

4. The Dentist Appointment form helps you organise and record your child’s visits to the dentist, which at the minimum should be twice a year.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 1.45.25 AM

Noice!!! Of course, Vito isn’t flossing or chewing Xylitol yet, but when he does, he’ll be able to use this form!

For older kids, the other charts and trackers on the Xylitol website should come in quite handy, because they can refer to them regularly. I think posting them in the bathroom near the sink would be helpful: Just print these out, laminate them (so they don’t get wet), and tape them to the wall by the sink.

What makes these charts different from other downloads? Well, it’s pretty cool that Xylitol is included in the daily oral hygiene regimen, since it is the very first dental health gum in the Philippines. (Of course, Lotte Xylitol should never be a replacement for toothbrushing, but it can help in the prevention of plaque and cavity build-up that can lead to tooth decay. I personally chew it after I brush my teeth each morning and after meals!)

So, go and head on over to the Xylitol website today and get your free Teeth Care Tracker downloads!


Lotte Xylitol dental health gum is available in bottles and blister packs, and comes in three variants: Blueberry Mint (my favorite!), Fresh Mint, and Lime Mint. You can find it in all leading supermarkets and drugstores across the Philippines. For more information, visit

Keep Calm and Track Your Teeth – Dental Baby Downloads from Xylitol!