make the most of it 2

Last Saturday, during a non-ideal turn of events, I found myself alone, at home, waiting all day for my new home office shelves to be delivered. “They’ll be there by 5 PM, but maybe earlier, so just wait for them,” said the suppliers at the custom furniture store. OK, I thought. I blocked off Saturday so that I could stay home and wait for the shelves. Ton was going to a football game (just attending, not playing), and Vito’s grandparents had requested to fetch him shortly before lunch.

Great! I’ll be alone! A delicious feeling came over me as soon as I packed Vito’s things and sent him off with his Lolo. It would be a good afternoon, and I’d have a new set of shelves. Yay!

So, I amused myself by doing a variety of crafts while waiting. It’s been a while since I had an afternoon to myself, so I made the most of the quiet. I flipped on some iTunes music (oldies, of course), and spread my work before me.

First, I did a few crafty giftwrap samples for a magazine feature. Watch out for the story behind these, to be featured in Baby Magazine’s holiday issue for 2013.

make the most giftwrap

I was also able to put my washi tapes to more good use. I usually use them for mood boards for my blog coaching clients, or during my Write On Workshops. But, after clearing out some of my boxes with “bloggy loot” (i.e. totes, brand paraphernalia, merchandise, etc.), I decided to prettify some things, like this notebook from the Mustela event I attended a couple of weeks back:

make the most 1

make happy 2

Isn’t it pretty? Pink and grey is a combination I’ll never tire of! 

I also had some time to prepare things for Vito’s upcoming birthday party this November. We didn’t have a big third birthday celebration for him last year, but since he has more friends this year and is more adamant about what he wants, we’re throwing a party! He even picked his candles and other party elements. These are just a few:

make the most Vito party

The theme will be “Vito’s Favorite Things”, and currently, his favorite things are all animal-related.

By around 3PM, the shelves still hadn’t arrived. So, after the crafty gift-wrapping preps, and the washi-fied notebook, I decided to do some watercolor, since I was alone anyway. I tried my hand at painting some poppies.

What do you think?

make the most

Not my best work. I’m still getting back into the groove, after not having painted since 2010, when I quit my teaching job.

I realized that doing all these crafty things again — and having an afternoon alone, to myself — made me feel so, so much better overall. I journal quite a bit, but then, it’s still writing, which is something I do day in and day out. Putting my energies into crafts and painting was actually therapeutic, and I enjoyed myself immensely, even though the furniture never arrived.

Yep, that’s right.

I waited all day Saturday, and the shelves I ordered never arrived. I won’t comment anymore on the company responsible; I have my shelves already, anyway, as of this writing.

make the most 8

My shelves eventually arrived, Monday night — 9PM, to be exact!

I guess God orchestrated my “waiting Saturday” so that I could have time just for myself. I wasn’t ticked off, in the end, that the shelves never arrived. Sure, I was annoyed that the furniture company didn’t keep their word, but there were other things that made the day perfect nonetheless.

I was  thankful that the sun was shining all day, so I was able to get pretty photos.

I was thankful that I got to clean the house (which, strangely, is something I enjoy).  I actually cleared out the area beside my desk in preparation for the shelves’ arrival.

Most of all, I was thankful I got to tap into my somewhat-forgotten creative self. It felt great to pick up a paintbrush again and make swashes; it was therapeutic to make ribbons out of paper scraps and magazine shreds; it was relaxing to prettify the otherwise cluttery and useless things around the house.

Sometimes, making things “blissful” is really just about stopping and awakening little pleasures, isn’t it?

How was your weekend? Did you discover something pleasant and blissful, too?