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Greenbelt, Makati, October 1, 9AM. I rather liked my outfit, and it was a good thing I did. Because the week that would follow wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

I’m usually resilient when it comes to taking up extra duties, both at work and around the home. It’s that part of my that likes to be “in control,” I guess: I like to do things a certain way, and I enjoy the predictability of my days. I’m a romantic at heart, but free-spirited living and being “happy-go-lucky” are just that to me: romantic, nothing more.

So when life took a turn for the unexpected last week — mainly due to my husband’s finger surgery — I had no idea how tired I’d be in the coming days.

Actually, in the last week.

Ton went into surgery the evening of October 1st. He even fetched me from my meeting that morning in Makati, before taking time out to rest, prior to his surgery. It was an out-patient operation, so he was home the same night. It was pretty unnerving for me, to see him flinching in pain from the stitched-up surgical wound. I’m the one who’s got a low tolerance level for pain, so I wasn’t used to seeing him like this.

The day after surgery, we had to go back to the surgeon’s office, so we could see how to clean the wound daily.

IMG_7072 IMG_7073

I also learned —more and more— to really live out this “in sickness and in health” part of marriage. I’ve had to clean Ton’s wound everyday. I weaken at the sight of blood, guts, stitches and the idea of tissue/nerves and exposed flesh, but I had to suck it up and be brave.

I’ve gotten the hang of it after a week, along with the extra chores I’ve had to do, now that Ton isn’t supposed to use his hand as much as possible, or put any type of pressure on it. It can’t even get wet, so I’ve also had to do the wonderful job of tying up the trash bags every night (a chore my husband has always done, lovingly, of course).

Babe, I’m truly grateful that you take out the trash each night. Any man who does that without complaints is a hero!


The rest of the week went on pretty slowly. From Wednesday evening onwards, I had to take time off from work. I even missed my speaking gig at the Freelance Camp 2013, at the Mega Trade Hall. One of the organizers (whom I called up to excuse myself the morning of October 2) was audibly disappointed I wouldn’t be able to make it:

Ano ba yan… work from home, tapos paano ka naman mag, ‘have a life,’ hindi ka maka-ka speak today.

To which I said —

“Well, then, you can tell them: The reason I can skip a speaking engagement and take time off from work is because of times like these: Work can go on “pause mode”, so I can take care of my family, who are my life.”


A slide from my presentation at the Freelance Camp.

My good friend, Marge of the Happy WAHM, was good enough to give my presentation for me, entitled “How to Work from Home and Still Have a Life.” Apparently, it went well! Thank you, Marge!

Missing my speaking opportunity at Freelance Camp Manila was pretty much like the time I missed receiving my award for Best Parenting Blog of 2011 at the Philippine Blog Awards. Even though I had committed to speak, I knew that I had committed to take care of my husband and my family for life. I realized that I was also being true to my belief that being “WAHMderful” means being able to “make a home” and not just merely “make a living.”

Honestly, it’s times like these — when I really have to put family before anything else — that I feel truly alive, more than any award show or speaking engagement.

Saturday was “me time” day for me and couple of moms I’d planned to meet up with:


At Bizu with Denise of and Louise of Mommy Practicality

I got to hang out and relax with two of my long-time readers — and now, new friends! — Denise and Louise. I found it cute that all our names were “en Francais” (French), so I said we should have a Parisian-style meetup. And I’m glad we did, because we were able to talk blissfully about blogging, being moms, and wifely matters. I won’t share the details of our conversation (sorry!), but I will say that these two ladies are some of the most good-hearted blogging souls out there. Thanks for the lover-ly afternoon, Denise and Louise! When’s our next date?


Ton picked me up after my afternoon with the ladies. I’d had such a prim and proper brunch and tea-time with Denise and Louise, so I was craving for some “manly” food.

Since we’d been cooped up at home all week due to Ton’s recovering hand, we decided to just drop all our Saturday afternoon errands and plans, and just go on an impromptu date. Since Vito was with the grandparents, we headed over to Green Pastures in the new wing of Shangri La Plaza.

Organic and sustainable did not disappoint. Our meaty meals were so, so yummy! Ton had the 80/20 Burger, which was slathered in this dreamy cloud of fresh stracciatella cheese (buffalo milk), drizzled in olive oil:


I had the porchetta sandwich, strewn with caramelized onions:


Yumminess! We’ll back for sure! I want that burger!

I was pretty glad for Sunday. We took everything super slow, grabbing some lunch with Ton’s folks and taking time to chill with the family.


This week, I’ll be buried under a ton of work that I postponed. Earlier today, I gave a mini-seminar to a select group of women business owners, and the rest of the week, I have meetings, deadlines, and other errands to attend to. Just thinking about everything makes me tired, to be honest. Physically, I feel exhausted; sometimes my head aches from thinking too much!

But, I have to take care of myself. I’ve reminded myself time and again that the reason I’m running my own small business now is so that I can hit the “pause” button and put family first when the need is urgent. I’m actually writing this post as a way to process things, since everything’s in a blur! Now, seeing my past week in review, I feel grateful. Because even though it was difficult, God always seems to find time to reward me with small doses of happiness: new friends; a new date place to try out; more time together as a family (even if it was “forced” because we had to remain home).

Don’t you love how life always, always points to something blissful?

How was your past week, mamas? Would love to catch up with you all — I miss you! Do leave a comment if you’d like to chat about it. Mwah.


  1. says

    Mmmm. Savoring the beautiful words here. :)

    I’m so happy to be friends with you and Louise. I told you before and I will say it again — you’re my big momspiration to living life purposely blissful. Thank you for sharing the little but very important things about blogging and life, in general.

    Yes to our second date with other bloggy belles! Chatfest, for sure. Loooove. :)
    Denise recently posted..LB Turned Five: My Little Pony School PartyMy Profile

  2. says

    As a that at home mom, attending to my 3 girls… It has been so busy especially that I was down with measles few weeks ago and I was down for 2 weeks. My house was a mess and all. So after that I got energy to attend to all the chores, my house looks a house again (hahaha!) and to tell you I am not done. In between the chores, I rest cause my back aches. I miss reading already… Still I am thankful too to the good Lord cause being busy and all mean di am back and healthy again. Hoping one day to really meet you… I never fail to read your posts…
    Ma. Teresa Grech Q. Racal recently posted..Cupcakes… Anyone?!My Profile

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