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I simply love’s new holiday collection! As someone who loves shopping online, I appreciate and adore online communities such as minted, because they have so many classy options for me to choose from. (I’m an avid follower of them on Instagram, where they post drool-worthy photos of their latest designs).

What makes super-cool is that the designs are all by indie graphic designers. Yup! So, if you’re a graphic designer and you have an awesome card design, you can sign up for an account on Minted and start selling your designs, at any time of the year! Right now, I’m into the whole Holiday Collection, and would like to share some of my favorites with you.

I love this gold foil pressed card, because it’s so classy and yet chic. My kid would look so adorable in it, don’t you think? (And I’m sure your kid would look fine, too!)

minted 3

This vibrant, full-color option works well if you have a truly awesome candid shot of your child. I love that you can get this (and all designs, in fact) in different options: flat or folded; on premium or recycled paper.

minted 2

I love vintage elements, and so this signed & sealed design is just so adorable to me. I love that I can make use of various photos of my family, and I totally love the gorgeous seal at the center, which can be customized with my own wording.

minted 4

This quirky, conversation-style design is a new take on the “annual letter” that we usually send out to all our relatives, as a “recap” of the current year. I love that this image captures a tidbit about each family member! Of course, this requires you to really style a photo and make sure it fits in with the theme for this design.

minted 6

This next design works well with a close-up shot of your child as well as with a portrait-style family shot. I love the typography “tree” in this one!

minted 7

Obviously, there are many other gorgeous designs you can choose from in the 2013 Minted Holiday Collection. There’s the perfect modern design for your family, even for newlyweds (Check out the newlywed holiday collection, too! Adorbs.) I can’t wait to choose my design — I’m sure I’m going to have a hard time just settling on one design! –  Enjoy up to 15% off when you use the code “BELLS” upon purchasing.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by, and I will be receiving’s Holiday Cards as part of my compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions my own, and I have to say again: I love!