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My newest blog partner is a brand that I love so very much! Say hello to PostScript Designs! If you don’t already know about them, then know that they are an affordable and chic custom stationery company that is purely online. They make stationery orders easy and affordable, and totally hassle-free! No need to set appointments at an office; you can order your custom stationery directly from their Facebook page:

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The Calligraphy Note Cards are among some of my favorite designs. I love clean and classic lines and typography, so these would be great for someone like me! They come in various calligraphy styles (from traditional to modern, formal to whimsical) and can come in any color as well! These are printed on ivory paper (imported from the US), and come with matching envelopes. Everything comes in a premium gift box. Price: Available in Folded (8s – PhP 290.00; 16s – PhP 450.00) and Flat Note Cards (PhP 350.00 without envelopes, PhP 380.00 with envelopes)

Calligraphy Note Cards 3


The Patterned Flat Note Cards are back to back printed note cards that feature colorful patterns. You can choose your fonts and colors, and patterns using the order form. These sets are printed on ivory paper (imported from the US), and come with matching envelopes. Everything comes in a premium gift box. Price: PhP 250.00 without envelopes, PhP 280.00 with envelopes

Patterned Flat Note Cards 1

Name Logos and Monogram Note Cards: Another classy look that I love! These formal note card sets are perfect gifts for couples, bosses and colleagues. Everything comes in a premium gift box. Price: Available in Folded (8s – PhP 190.00; 16s – PhP 380.00) and Flat Note Cards (PhP 250.00 without envelopes, PhP 280.00 with envelopes)

 Name Logos and Monograms

Personalized Note Pads: These are a must-have for any lady! Note pads that are beautiful just make chores and errands so much more pleasant, don’t you think? (Well, I do!) Each set contains 50 sheets, in white or ivory 100 gsm imported paper. Prices: Personal Notepads – PhP 90.00 (White); PhP 100.00 (Ivory); Weekly Planner / Menu Noteapds – PhP 120.00 (White); PhP 150.00 (Ivory). Minimum of 3 assorted designs per order

PostScript Designs Gift Sets

Exclusive to “Blog Bliss” Workshop-ers this Dec. 14!

I’m very happy to announce my newest blog partner, PostScript Designs! I’ve always loved their products, and have been gifted with their note sets over the years. This time, they are a blissful partner for my upcoming holiday workshop, Blog Your Best Year! For this event, PostScript made a sweet note card set for each of the participants (only 18 participants, sorry!)

Each set says “Live Your Bliss”, and has a gorgeous pink pattern!


Want a set? Register for my workshop and be one of the lucky 18 who will get this FREE. Please visit the Workshops page, or visit this link to register: Blog Your Best Year — A workshop to help you plan your blog mission, content for an entire year:


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