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I’m so excited about Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde’s new book, Project Mom. I’ve worked with both of these ladies in the past, mostly on website projects for their businesses (and, I’m a regular contributor as well at Amanda’s site for moms,, so I was very excited when I learned they would be coming out with this awesome book.

Project Mom is unlike other mommy books you’ve seen locally. It focuses on the needs of expecting new moms and moms in general, with a specific focus on natural motherhood, which is a lifestyle that both Amanda and Bianca live and love. Aside from the helpful chapters (which have gorgeous photos, too), the book includes a comprehensive local directory that lets you know where to get everything you need for your life as a mom.

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Everything you need to know about pregnancy, bringing your baby home, breastfeeding, health, traveling with your baby (domestic and international), memories and celebrations, and a chapter dedicated solely to MOMS (how to lose the baby weight, the importance of me-time, their favorite products, and bonding with your friends and husbands. No other mom-oriented book has a section like this, so I can tell you that it’s going to be an amazing resource!

I can also assure you that the stuff and tips in this book are doable. The advice and how-to’s in this book are based on how they care for and raise their own families, and you’ll see that they are every bit truly down-to-earth moms. I can say this because I’ve been with them several times when they’re not all glammed up, and they are just like you and me when they’re caring for their young families! I’ve seen Amanda during taping days for Amanda Loving Life taking care of both boys (while breastfeeding Kalon!). I’ve seen Bianca in her hands-on mode at home, where she’s a creative and intentional mom to her brood of three. (The cook and bake together often.)

Here’s a bit about the authors and the “why” behind the book:

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50% of book sales on this night will go to Typhoon Yolanda victims. There will also be an amazing raffle with P150,000 worth of phenomenal prizes and 100% of the raffle proceeds are going to help Typhoon Yolanda moms and babies. There will also be a few vendors selling some wonderful organic products. (yipee!) Read more about the wonderful prizes on Amanda’s blog:

(And, if you want to meet up, I’ll be there with loads of other mommies and bloggers. See ya!)