Pre-birthday Pampering with the hubs at Toccare Spa Makati

We have to make our “me times,” my husband and I. We each have our own way of relaxing. For me, it’s definitely going to the spa and getting a body scrub and a long, relaxing massage. For him, it’s playing American football and going to the gym (and then, getting a massage).

So if there’s one thing in common that Ton and I have, it’s our love for body treatments and massages. We’re pamper-lovers, and our love language is definitely tactile (ahem!). Take us to the spa, and we’re all set: We’ll be programmed to relax and totally zone out!

Last Saturday evening, I was invited by Toccare Spa for an early birthday present: I, along with the hubs, would get to try some of their signature treatments! Hooray! (Thank you kindly to Leah Dy, of Toccare Spa — I’m so happy, and so grateful for the treat! Ton loved it, too.)

OK, so here’s how our evening went down.

toccare spa 3

Our appointment was at 7:30 PM. It was just right, since Ton was coming from football practice, and usually had a massage. This time, though, I convinced him to try a full-body treatment: facial, foot spa, and a massage. He’s such a guy’s guy, that he hasn’t ever tried these fancy spa treatments, but since he loves me and supports me and my blog (woot, woot!), he gets points for trying!

The friendly ladies of Toccare Spa first gave us a tour of where we’d be getting our treatments. We got to see the couple’s room, where we’d have our joint therapy sessions. We also got to see the Foot Spa Lounge, which was where we’d get our foot spa treatments.

As you can see, we were in the zone right away!

toccare spa foot spa lounge toccare spa foot spa lounge 2

The couple’s room was called the Rose Quartz room, named after the gemstone itself. Why rose quartz? Well, simply because the energy associated with the rose quartz is that of love, nurturing, and communion. (Fact: This is why “Toccare” spa is named as such, because it believes in the healing and energizing power of touch: “toccare” means “touch” in Italian.)

I was able to only snap a few photos of the couple’s room since it was subtly lit (for ambiance.) Believe me when I say it’s more luxe and lovely than these photos!

toccare spa couple room
The couple’s room is fully equipped with bathroom amenities (bathtub, shower, toilet, sink). Since I was going to have a body scrub, it was most convenient to have all the amenities in one room. I especially liked that the room also had lounge chairs, which is unlike a lot of spas I’ve been to, even some high-end ones. Usually after a massage, I like to lounge around and sip some hot just before getting dressed. The lounge chairs were perfect, no need to sit up at the massage bed, post-massage!

OK, so here’s what Ton and I were offered:

Ton — Tea Tree foot spa (scrub, cleaning, massage); Gemstone Massage; Aromatherapy Facial
Martine — Hand & Foot Therapy (scrub, soak, and massage); Lavendar Exfoliating Body Scrub; Gemstone Massage

Like any high-end spa, the dressing rooms were fully equipped with amenities. Naturally, I couldn’t take photos of the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, but they’re there and are absolutely lovely. I usually like to sit in the steam room for a while after showering, then dip in the jacuzzi before showering again prior to the body treatment.

toccare spa dressing toccare spa 4

Toccare Spa has its own blends of essential oils. You can choose your essential oil scent, which has a corresponding effect: soothing, uplifting, reinvigorating, etc.” I’m usually a peppermint or green tea fan, but for the night, I chose lavender so that I’d get the complete aromatherapy experience, coming from the lavender salt scrub before my massage.

First order of the night were our foot spa treatments. (I had a hand & foot combination treatment, which was much needed, since my hands are often dry and fatigued from doing the housework and my writing work!)

toccare spa foot spa lounge 3 toccare spa martine

This is my therapist, Julie, who took care of me from the hand & foot treatment all the way to the scrub & massage. Thanks, Julie!

I thoroughly enjoyed the hand & foot therapy. I love how smooth my feet and hands felt after these soothing wraps! Not quite the same effect as a paraffin wax, though, but the purpose of this treatment was really to relax and soothe the extremities. As moms, sometimes we forget that our hands and feet are our most used “tools” to get the jobs done. From the washing up of our babies to the household work, our hands are often at the brunt of physical abuse! That’s why I make it a point to give them some pampering at least twice a month.

After about an hour (yes, one glorious hour!) of being pampered in the foot spa lounge, we were brought back to the Rose Quartz Room for the body treatments.

No photos of me and Ton, naturally!

toccare spa couples room 2

I must say, the Toccare Healing Gem Stone Massage (Php1,400/ VIP room for Php1,650) — one of Toccare’s signature, best-selling massages — was quite an experience. It is Toccare’s signature massage using semi precious stones (Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst or Jade). My therapist, Julie, knew where to knead and get the knots out of my back and shoulders! Then, she applied warm gemstones coated in essential oils, to the massage. I usually only get classic Swedish or Thai massages, so this was all new to me! I liked it, though, as I believe the gemstones also had healing effects that kind of “sealed” the massage experience.

For more information about the different spa treatments at Toccare Spa, you can “like” and visit them on Facebook, and also inquire through their official website. The staff at the reception are very accommodating and helpful, and will answer any questions you have about the various luxury treatments.  (I personally want to go back for their new salted caramel body treatment!)

toccare spa reception

Thank you, Leah Dy, and Toccare Spa, for the early birthday treat! We’ll surely be back, since it was an excellent “couple time” bonding experience, too!

Toccare Spa is located in the 4th Floor Antel Spa Suites, Antel Lifestyle City, Makati Avenue, 1200 Makati
Hours: Mon – Sun: 1:00 pm – 1:00 am | Tel: 403-0808 loc.2050; 555-1232
Email: OR


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    My husband and I love massages, too. I promised him one day that I’ll be treating him to something like Toccare’s. So I guess this will be in my list. Btw, you guys look so rested in the last photo! Parang gusto ko tuloy magpa-massage. Haha! ;)
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