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This edition of Blog Love is about one of my blog coaching clients! Marilen Faustino-Montenegro approached me some months ago about rebranding her blog and including a business aspect to it, so that she could marry her family lifestyle with the services she offers as an interior stylist. Her blog,, is a representation of the things she loves, and has become one of my favorite interior inspiration blogs!

1. What was the inspiration behind

I created because I wanted to provide a source of inspiration for readers that focuses on interiors and the home.  I love looking at beautiful blogs and photos of good design and found my own “me -time” in these moments. I hope that others find their own solace and awaken their creativity through my blog.

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2. Tell us more about your journey as a blogger, and online writer. How has blogging been different from your other writing work?

I began blogging two years ago under the blog name decoristamomma.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the right inspiration and motivation at that time to be consistent.  Writing interior design related articles was something I would do for magazines like Good Housekeeping, and Depot Home Magazine. I also contributed articles for websites like suite101,,and mommy-mall.comThings have a way of happening at the perfect time because now, blogging for has become my passion.  I feel more connected to it, and look forward to giving my best each time I write.

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3. How do you manage your days now as a blogger, when you have to balance it with family, work, and your “me” time?

I’ve had to learn and still am mastering the science of time management.  My mornings are usually spent playing with my kids and attending to their needs.  A portion of that time is for homeschooling my three-year old son.  While my kids have lunch, I catch up with my husband.  Work begins after lunch when I have to attend meetings, look for accessories or visit a project.  I get home around six o clock, eat with my kids, put them to sleep then do all my computer work from eleven to one in the evening.  It is this time that I blog, do paper work for my clients and browse through Pinterest and my favorite blogs.

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I’ve also learned to determine priorities as a woman and try to use it as a guideline when things get hectic.  First and foremost my priority should be my husband after God.  The children come next, then my work.

4. What are the features of your blog that you feel will benefit the modern mom? Why?

Aside from being a source of inspiration for the home, offers a lot to help the modern day busy mom through articles that involve tips on interior decorating and home management.

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I also offer online decorating  through my blog where clients can avail of my professional design services at a very affordable price.  It saves time because everything is done online.  Upon inquiry clients receive a reply with step-by-step instructions on how to measure their space and take photos to send to me.After learning about their needs and requirements, I send them a detailed mood board with suggestions, exact materials like fabric, paint color, wall paper, and furniture pieces, as well as where and how to buy them. This is ideal for any cosmetic renovation.  It is intended to be simple enough to be executed by anyone who is willing.


5. Tell us how you plan for blog posts and content. Do you have a particular way of coming up with content?

I’ve learned that it is best to keep a notebook with me at all times because ideas for a post can pop up anywhere randomly.  I write things as soon as I come up with an idea.  I try to schedule post according to season, but lately I’ve really just been following my heart.  That is one thing I like about having my own blog.  It can be a tool to express myself, hopefully I touch others through it.

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One of Marilen’s autumn-inspired recipes on the blog

6. What are your future plans and wishes for

I look forward to really connecting with my readers through events like interior styling- related workshops.  I am currently planning one for early next year. It will be a venue for people to try their own hand at designing their own space.  They get to build their own concept, combine colors, and materials.  I am also planning to design and sell a few unique home items.


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