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We don’t have a big home, but I enjoy keeping our home a happy, cozy abode, especially during Christmas time. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know our house is in full-on holiday mode. I’ve been posting photos of our home, and of the little spaces within that I’ve decorated. This is my fifth Christmas I’m preparing for in my own home, with my little family, so throughout the years, my collection of decor has grown.

By day, the house looks like this: Lots of red!

martinedeluna christmas home

Wreath on the door from our first Christmas as newlyweds; entryway-TV area with my makeshift “mantle”

martinedeluna christmas

I’m in favor of the traditional red, green, gold and silver theme when it comes to the decor. As for the tree, our tree is one of those slim ones meant for condos and small living areas. It’s a six-footer, and just right for us! (Though, I think I want to get a bigger one soon. Maybe next year!) I also use colored lights on our tree, since I loved my mom’s Christmas tree so much growing up, and it always had such a colorful, lively attitude because she used multi-colored lights.

This year, Vito’s made his first contribution to the tree by choosing some penguin ornaments, which I got in AC+632 a couple of weeks ago:

dainty mom birthday 9

We’re still making a few more handmade, “mom & Vito-made” ornaments for the tree as part of his Advent craft activities, so the tree’s still “in-the-works”! We’re working on some more shiny ornaments to add to our collection. I hope to get them done — we’ll see!

I hope that as the years go by, we’ll add more meaningful memories to these Christmas trimmings. These pictures may make it look like there’s a lot going on in my house, and maybe it is for some people! But, I’m still growing my Christmas decor collection, and with it, the memories I make with my family.

Oh, here’s how the house looks like at night, which is my favorite time of the day lately! I just love the cool, calm and cozy feeling of the December evenings lately. After I finish cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors and put Vito to bed, I like to sit out here in the living area, make myself a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and say a prayer of thanks.

martinedeluna christmas night

I always get sentimental right about now, when the tree is lit up, the lights are dim around the house, and I’m listening to carols while writing this blog entry. It’s a feeling I know keenly, as I’ve welcomed it into my heart each year every time December rolls in. It’s a feeling that makes pray that Vito will one day look back at our Christmas decorations and photos with fond memories, just as my brothers and I look back at our childhood Christmas memories with joy.

We have many Christmases to spend together as a family, and so I pray that my son will always remember that Christmas was about coming together as a family to adore our blessed Savior. And, as we read the Christmas story with him in his little Bible (which we read daily these days!), I hope that Vito will understand the reason why Christ came to the world.

How are your Christmas decorations coming along? How are you explaining the Christmas season to your kids, too?


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    Hi Martine, how lovely! The wreaths are my favourite! And that ledge of lights! I totally know what you mean by growing your Christmas decor. In Jakarta they were so expensive that we could only buy little by litter every year. We didn’t even have a tree the first few year in Jakarta can you believe? Here there are much cheaper decor options but I don’t like to spend so much for stuff that don’t get used throughout the year. This year we splurged on the real tree since I’ve never had one before, but with it we had to buy extra lights and a base too! So I didn’t get to buy much more than some extra balls from IKEA for the gigantic tree (2.4 meters compared to our 6 ft artificial tree)

    I would love to do a post on my decor soon, unfortunately there hasn’t been much sun so it’s too dark to photograph. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow! This time of the year always makes me sad and lonely when I am outside the Philippines. Though there is a lot to do outside, we won’t be having friends and family over for Christmas eve so it will just be us and Diplo Dog. I try not to think about it, but I guess I should prepare myself and try to come up with ways to make it more fun for us. Christmas is so different at home. I will definitely miss the craziness!
    The Diplomatic Wife recently posted..BERLIN TO DO: Schloss Charlottenburg Christmas MarketMy Profile

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    My mom always goes all out during the holidays, with a fresh Christmas tree, lots of lights and decor galore. This year though, with the power price hike, and and because our house is just too messy to function, we scaled things down. Our old faithful Christmas tree was brought out of storage along with mom’s capiz lanterns. We also bought our very first parol and put that up instead of our usual giant wreath. I think our simpler Christmas matches 2013, which forced us all to kind of live simpler too. :) Happy Holidays, Marts!
    Patty recently posted..Our Frog-Less Weekend at Villa Escudero Plantations and ResortMy Profile

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    I love the way you decorated your home! All the red makes it look very festive! I think my favourite element would be the berries that you used all over, particularly on the tv cabinet. Really pretty!
    Patricia recently posted..Decking the HallsMy Profile

    • Martine says

      I can’t seem to let go of berries! They make everything feel so abundant and festive :)
      Next year, I want to try a more Scandi-Christmas, though: lots of white, natural elements, but still with the berries here and there. :)

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    Hi, Martine! Your home is lovelier with your Christmas decorations. I also love Christmas trees and feel the Christmas isn’t complete without one. I put up mine right after the All Saints’ Day. Like you, I’m also growing my collection of ornaments. This year, I got cute Santas and elves from a Uratex factory. Sharing a related post:
    Cess Lubag recently posted..How to Save on Pricey Car FuelMy Profile

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    I’m a bit sad na wala pa kami masyadong Christmas decors at home. Just the wreath at the door a Precious Moments Santa Claus. Parang wala akong gana to decorate ’cause we’ll be spending Christmas away from home. Anyway, I loooooove seeing Dainty Home posts on your IG, Martine. As in parang everything’s malinis and well, dainty! Advanced happy holidays to you, Ton & Vito! <3

    • Martine says

      Little decor here and there is fine! :):) Take your cue from the LB, maybe she wants to put something festive up :)
      Happy holidays to you, too, dear D!! See you real soon!

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    You have to tell me where you hide all your electric cables! Your TV area looks so neat, ours looks like a jungle of cables. :)) Very pretty house Marts. Peg ko ang small space living mo. I’m inspired to move things around our house too. :)
    Riz recently posted..Only one lifeMy Profile

    • Martine says

      Riz! Ton bought a cable-wire organizing thingy that binds all the cords together. It’s “hidden” behind that wreath on the TV table, but on normal days (when there’s no decor), I hide the cable with a pile of coffee table books. :)

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