I’ve been privileged to be a brand ambassador for Lotte Xylitol the past four months. It’s been a wonderful experience, particularly on Instagram! I’ve made quite a colorful collection of photographs there about my Xylitol experience.

Some of my Instagrams, featuring Lotte Xylitol:

lotte xylitol

As I look back through my posts the past few months, I’ve seen just how much Lotte Xylitol has been (and continues to be) a key player in our oral health, particularly my husband and me. It’s the convenient, go-to gum for us, whether we’re in the car, eating out, or even just at home when we need something to chew on during work. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to represent and support a product that helps families live better quality lives. That sounds deep in reference to dental gum, but hey, you know me: I only use what I believe really works and jives with my family.

As we close the old year and move on to 2014, I hope you’ll join me in committing to better health in our families. Aside from eating right and exercising, personal hygiene plays a big part in how we care for ourselves, our well-being. Products like Lotte Xylitol help greatly in keeping us mindful about our dental health, and so I hope you’ll continue to support this product.

Lotte Xylitol dental health gum is available in bottles and blister packs, and comes in four yummy flavors: Blueberry Mint (my fave!), Strawberry Mint (2nd fave!), Fresh Mint, and Lime Mint.  For more information, visithttp://www.lottexylitolgum.com/.