Blog Your Bliss BLOG SERIES Part 1

Welcome to this free, on-the-blog series “Blissful Blogging.” This series includes tons of great tips and strategies on how you can create a blog that you can feel happy about, that doesn’t stress you out(!), and that meaningfully connects with others so that you have excellent content, authentic readers, better traffic, and overall happy vibes. You ready?

The Make it Blissful Blogging Series is in four parts, and will have the following format:

We’re going to launch straight into how blogging can help you live meaningfully.



There’s no silver bullet to living a magically perfect life, nor is there a perfect formula for how to make a successful and uber-popular blog. Both things take real hard work and effort. What makes blogging a great tool in helping us live meaningfully is that it has the ability to connect us with other people who, like us, are on the same journey. I read something in a book, Write it Down, Make it Happenauthor Henrietta Anne Klauser says,

“When  you don’t have an answer to [the question “Write it down”], when you don’t know what your goals are, you can use your writing to point you to the right direction. If you don’t know what you want, write. Writing makes its own meaning.”

Blogging — the medium of telling a story online through a narrative or lesson — is one way to “make your own meaning” or “your own path” to achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is why people start blogs to document their pregnancy or weight loss journey, for instance. It’s why others post recipes (so that, eventually, they can write that cookbook), and why others post craft after craft or DIY project. Blogs are a non-intrusive platform for anyone to share what makes them come alive… and that’s one way it can be meaningful.


Some time back, I reflected on my blogging journey and saw that it was keeping me busy doing things that didn’t necessarily contribute to my idea of happiness. First of all, I was being wooed by advertisers and potential brand partners. My inbox was filled with invitations to this press event or that product launch. I was receiving requests to do this product review or that sponsored post.

Part 1 blissful blogging

Of course, this all came with the territory. Having established myself as a blogger, I knew I had some level of influence. Not a huge level, but a steady audience and a number of readers who really valued the blog. If anything, I wanted to be a better blogger because of my readers.

The truth was that I felt tired thinking about all these obligations to other brands and businesses, when I knew I could be building up my own brand & business to fit what I believed to be meaningful and important. And so, I began to use my blog as a way to chronicle my bliss: my passion for blogging; my holidays and getaways with family; my work with inspiring women. These are what made the blog come alive, for me.

Of course, collaborations still have their place, but not prominent ones. My readers actually gave me the inspiration to write some of my best, more heartfelt and helpful posts. Incidentally, those have been the most widely-read and have the most interaction… and I’d like to keep my content that way! It’s so much more meaning-filled that way.


Blogging has not just been an information channel for me and my readers. It’s allowed me to process many of the lessons I’ve learned. Whether it’s a lesson on how to accept “mommy guilt” or a piece on how to appreciate my husband, blogging has allowed me to learn and process life lessons alongside a community of women who “get” what I’m going through!

In fact, the one of my favorite books on life lists and goal-setting, Create Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide (by Miller & Frisch) considers blogging as one of the many “goal pursuit exercises” that individuals can use to track and document the process of reaching their goals. At the same time, it’s a way to “see people cheering one another on”, because blogging provides a community aspect. We can learn our lessons with other people out there who read our blogs! 

These are just some of the ways blogging can help you live a life that is meaningful. It can help you complete your goals, document your happy memories, and keep track of your life lessons.
In the comments, tell me: Have you ever used your blog to help you do the above-mentioned tips?
Write a blog post telling how you could use your blog to make something happen, like a goal or a dream. How would you do it? What kind of blog posts would you create as you go through the process of reaching your goal? When you write the blog post, remember to link back to this Blissful Blogging post as well.