welcome to make it blissful

Hello and welcome to my new home! This is still Martine de Luna, whom you’ve known the past four years as “Dainty Mom.” This new site has been a long time coming, and has been the product of months of conceptualization, design work (my first ever), and prayer.


I explained why I’m shifting from a purely “mommy blog” to a general women’s inspiration blog, which you can read about here: “Why Dainty Mom is Changing”.

It has long been time for a change, a paradigm shift. I’ll always be a wife and mom; that is my calling, and I have always fully embraced it. I’ll always have stories to tell about my family, always have tips to share, lessons to learn, failures to reflect on, and victories to rejoice over. But as with any type of change, I also have to go with my gut, and as a blogger, my gut was telling me that I wanted to do more. I wanted to go deeper into the study of meaningful living, of personal growth, and of the so-called “purpose-driven life.”

I’ll still be writing about being a mother, a wife, a family woman, both here on MiB and on my personal site, martinedeluna.com. But I want to talk about other things, too. And I want the site — which will evolve eventually into a collaborative blog, with many other authors, as you’ll soon see — to be a place where other women could talk about other things, too.

And so, here we are: MakeitBlissful.com.

I wrote about the “why” behind the site, over on our About page. Do check it out: “About Us”. You’ll find our Manifesto there.

For now, I’d like to tell you more about how I worked towards this rebranding of Dainty Mom into Make it Blissful.

Make it Blissful is the result of study, learning and application about creating a business and life that I love. Ever since I resigned from full-time employment and began working from home, I’ve been compelled to study the art of “making things blissful.” For me, this meant that everything in my life — family, work, hobbies, travel, whatever — needed to be meaningful, to be filled with purpose. This compulsion became even stronger the longer I blogged.

And, after attending blogging and branding classes over the past two years, I really honed in on things concerning this “bliss” as I talked about it in my own platforms: the blog, social media, and live events.

In short, I decided to make my blog coaching work work for me!

Goodbye, Dainty Mom. Hello, bliss.


Of course, it’s different when it comes to me: I couldn’t do my rebrand on my own. That would have been a bit short-sighted, wouldn’t it? So I had a lot of help from inspiring mentors, the foremost being Jess Lively, Holly Becker and Jonathan Mead, whose online mentorship programs and coaching I availed of last year. They were the best investments I made last year, and those which bore fruit: this new website and movement called “Make it Blissful.”

On the brand identity side, Make it Blissful as a website is my first-ever venture into graphic design for my own platforms. I usually enlist the help of graphic designers (like Fancy Girl Design Studio) to help me create my websites. However, this time around, I really wanted the essence of the website to come from the process of learning that I was going through last year.

And so, from the typography and palette I wanted to use, to the kind of photos, imagery and article tones I envisioned; my brand identity and brand story work for this website is a culmination of my studies, my work with my blog and business-life mentors. I am over the moon about it!


My brand board for Make it Blissful, before I worked on a design for the logo and site.

Venturing to design my own website was a meaningful decision for me. I had always been an artistic and visual person in the past, particularly during my teen years. Somehow, part of me began craving that creative side again, and I will credit that to the fact that I am often doing craft projects with my son. Designing my own website and brand identity was me going back to my creative roots, and it felt right, it felt good.

What to look forward to on MiB

There are a few changes that will take place, aside from the re-design of the site. I’ll go through them one by one.

  1. New structure. Dainty Mom was solely authored by me, but Make it Blissful will follow a magazine structure and editorial plan. We’ll have themes for different times of the year, and the content will reflect these themes. I am the Foundress and editor-in-chief of the website, of course, but I won’t be alone because we’re going to have…
  2. … some new Bliss-makers, a.k.a Contributing Writers. I’ll be introducing you to our brilliant Contributors soon! These wonderful ladies — and not just moms anymore! — are fellow “blissmakers” and companions of mine. They’re a mix of bloggers, business owners, professionals, wives, moms, singles… which makes things even more exciting.
  3. Make it Blissful Retreats. It’s long been my dream to hold vision-building and life-purpose retreats which use blogging as a tool for creative, inspired living. This summer, we’ll be launching our first-ever Make it Blissful Retreat, which will be a weekend of inspired activities, vision-making and fellowship with other “blissmakers.”

Our mission is simple: To be a space online where women can explore, reflect and rejoice in the imperfect but always meaningful moments in their lives. We feature original content from a team of women who are writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, housewives or homemakers. We are all about reveling in the process of becoming the women we were made to be, by our Creator; we relish the thought of sharing the journey we’re all taking, together.

I can’t wait to share more with you very soon!

THANK YOU’s are in order!

Thank you to Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio, for doing the web development. She lovingly coded everything that I designed and made sure everything worked from start to finish. 

Thank you to Jennyfer Tan of The Techie Mom, who painstakingly made sure that the old content from Dainty Mom was successfully moved to makeitblissful.com. She made sure all the files, media and blog posts were intact during the tedious migration process.

Thank you to my mentors, Jess (jesslively.com), Jonathan (paidtoexist.com) and Holly (decor8blog.com), whose mentorship and guidance for the entire 2013 made all my bloggy goals possible.