Creating a Happy Life, Blog or Brand {Prelude to a podcast}

I’d like to thank Freelance Blend and Marv de Leon for having me over for my first ever podcast — yay! (Thanks, Marv!) Listen Now: “Create a Happy Life, Brand or Blog with Bliss-Maker Martine de Luna Martine-De-Luna-Poster-Freelance-Blend On this podcast, I talk about how I grew my blog, into a three-pronged brand that has eventually become (my personal website and freelance services site), the (my site for our work-at-home workshops), and, my “baby” and the dearest of all my communities. In summary, here are some of the key points on my podcast with Freelance Blend, which you may find helpful:

  • What convinced me to quit her teaching job to become a work-at-home mom.
  • How my experiences working at home after child birth led me to create
  • How the blog became the storefront to showcase my style of writing.
  • The lipstick sales pitch that gave me my “break” into the full-time WAHM lifestyle.
  • The value of having an audio logo for your brand.
  • How to position yourself to grab the attention of your potential clients.
  • Why it was hard for me to rebrand my already successful Dainty Mom brand into Make It Blissful.
  • Learning when to say “No” to maintain the credibility of your brand.
  • How some of the most successful books are titled and how to apply the same technique for your brand.
  • How to create a job description for yourself and use that to create your own product or service.
  • Why it is important to invest in yourself by taking workshops and courses.
  • How I grew organically her tribe outside the comment boxes of her blog.
  • The importance of having your own mastermind group. (I talk about the Make it Blissful Bloggers Mastermind, a private group exclusive to past workshop classmates of my blogger workshops.)
  • The top 3 bloggers that I follow.
  • The significance of having the best mentors and how to approach them.
  • How I monetize my different websites.
  • How I set different budgets for family, savings, education and fun.
  • How to save and invest using online banking.
  • The future of freelancing and working at home.

Tons of pointers, I know! **Laughing** But it’s 1 and a half hours of me talking and compounding the last 4 years of my life as a WAHM into one podcast. I hope you’ll at least pick up a few points from what I share on the podcast!

Listen Now: “Create a Happy Life, Brand or Blogwith Bliss-Maker Martine de Luna

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  1. Ana Henson says

    Hi Martine. I enjoy your podcast and I hope you do more under this website. I like what you said about investing on yourself with workshops or seminars. I am really considering attending one of your workshops. I know you have one this June 14 and if I could fix our family schedule, I will go to Manila. If ever, it’ll be my first time to attend.

    I am a stay at home mom and would like to start blogging about a business I am planning to start. I also want to grab the attention of my potential clients online just like what you did. I am into creating/designing talks on empowering students and teachers with proper etiquette and good manners.

    Martine, I enjoy all your posts. Keep it coming.

    • Martine says

      Dear Ana : Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad the podcast was helpful. I really just rambled on, haha! But I totally believe in investing in oneself through training, even in hobbies and for pure pleasure. I hope to meet you in our workshops one day!

  2. says

    Hi Martine

    I love your podcast! Hehe. Just saw the comments now and I am happy that people loved the episode and that you have a very bright future in podcasting.

    Talk to you soon.


  3. says

    I listened to this yesterday and learned a lot!!! After listening to it, I immediately reviewed my blog’s content and made the necessary changes based on some of the points that you made. And I especially love what you said about the audio logo — this is something new to me! You should have your own podcast! 😀

  4. says

    Hi Martine!

    I have learned a lot from your podcast! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    I was supposed to attend your workshop in Alabang but I had to cancel to prioritize a personal matter. After listening to this podcast, I am now more eager to make time and save up for your next WAHM and blog coaching workshops :)

    Keep on writing and inspiring the rest of us. You’re doing a great job!

    God bless.

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