A Simple Happy Day of Hearts

valentine's 5

Ton and I made Valentines for Vito!

We spent Valentine’s Day at home today.┬áNothing special; just made some more Valentine cards for each other and our loved ones (which we’ve been doing the past two days), and this afternoon, we hied off to the nearby mall for some dessert. Ton and I had a fun time scanning the mall crowd for mushy couples and starry eyed high schoolers and college students toting rose bouquets and shopping bags. Ton didn’t give me flowers either, as he wanted to surprise me on another day (which I think is sweet!)

Here are just a few snippets of our Valentine’s week. It was really just one of those good, happy, simple ones!

valentines 6

Made Valentines with Vito last Tuesday.

valentines 3

valentines 6

Started off our Valentines’ Day with strawberry-banana smoothies!

valentines 4

Spent some time in Bizu for dessert.

valentines 2

Vito’s macarons.

How was your day? Did you do the whole Valentine’s shebang?


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    The simple and meaningful things make up the beauty of life, right? My family and I together with my parents took the kids swimming in my brother’s condo unit. It’s simple but cozy. :-)

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    Hi coach! Happy Valentines to you, Ton & Vito! My husband didn’t give me flowers either, haha! He knows I’m not really fond of flowers unless I handmade it myself using my clays, lol. But we did went out — but that’s to find our dad a birthday present. Oh, and we also ate at Mexicalli (one of my go-to place for Burrito!) and just like you, we had fun watching people (Valentines day really has that magic in making people extra sweet, don’t you think?). Have a blissful weekend!

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    Happy Valentine’s day to you and your family. Nothing special since hubby decided working overseas. A first Valentine’s day for me and my girls to celebrate without their tatay. But I made it special by buying chocolates for the girls. As for me, I bought some chocos. Hahaha!

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