spruce cold pressed 3

I recently ordered a day’s supply of Spruce Cold Pressed Juices after months of following them on Instagram. Naturally, the first thing I did when the orders arrived at my house was to — you guessed it — Instagram them! Here’s the roster I bought: Lady Luck (red), Martian Milk (light, opaque green), The Fighter (yellow), Almond Nut Dream (white), Skinny Bitch (light green), Formula 1 (dark green) and The Secret Formula (light, opaque brown). Yummy looking, right? And they are.

spruce cold pressed set

spruce juicesInstagrammed the delivery as soon as it arrived, because I’m hipster like that.

There were some flavors worth noting. I liked all of the green juices, which tasted much like the green smoothies I make at home, without the chunkiness. My favorite of the greens was Skinny Bitch, which was incidentally the first bottle I had. (I drank this while I was on a Skype coaching call with a client.)

spruce skinny bitch


1. Variety:  I liked that the line of cold-pressed juices had interesting combinations and flavors. They were perfectly balanced as well, in terms of flavor! Even my husband (who’s not a juicing kind of person, really) enjoyed the flavors he sampled. (He liked Formula 1, which is one of Spruce’s original flavors)

spruce cold pressed 5The Fighter: Lots of kick from the ginger and cayenne. Loved this.

2. It tastes good. All of the flavors! I’ve had lots of juice brands, and I have to say, the flavors of the Spruce juices have been the best tasting by far. I suppose it has something to do with the Norwalk Hydraulic Press that they use for all their juices, which is apparently one of the world’s best. I especially enjoyed the Lady Luck, the Almond Nut Dream and the Martian Milk (not pictured), because of their unique combinations.

spruce cold pressed 4

3. They curbed my sweet cravings. I have been cutting down on sugar intake ever since the start of February. Seriously, I take too much for my own good, even though I don’t drink soft drinks, or use white sugar in our household. But I’ve been on a dessert mania it seems since December, and I had to stop! (Sorry, cupcakes! Sorry tres leches dessert cups!) So after a day of detoxing (with salads or steamed veggies and fish, not a full juice detox), I experienced little to no cravings for sweets.

spruce cold pressed 2

 4. They are filling. Well, I didn’t do a juice-only detox, but these juices and non-dairy milks (like this lovely Almond Nut Dream) are quite filling. They’re yummy on their own, that’s why! Also, compared to the other juices I’ve tried, Spruce somehow feels more “complete” when taken on its own. My merienda of strawberries and the almond milk filled me up really well. Yum!


The Spruce Juices all look yummy and appetizing (and they are), but your mind will probably fool you into thinking they look sweet. They’re not, not one of them, even this yummy Secret Formula, which is (as revealed recently) a lovely combination of raw cacao, hazelnut, maca powder, coco sugar and a dash of sea salt. And that’s the great thing about it, for me: Spruce Juices will make you re-think your idea of yummy.

spruce cold pressed 1

For someone with a semi-sweet tooth for sweet drinks, that’s saying a lot.

The only thing that’s prohibitive is the cost. Each bottle is Php250, no matter the variant. This order alone cost Php1,900 including delivery charge to my area. That’s for a one-day supply of seven bottles. Rather pricey, but it’s something I’m willing to pay for once in a while. I’ll be sticking to my regular, more fiber-rich and less expensive smoothie habit. But for a treat to my body, I’ll be ordering Spruce again for sure!

Note: Juicing, in general, is a good thing. You need to ask a nutritionist though, if you’re going to be all hardcore about it. There are certain things to consider before you go full-on into a juicing regimen, so make sure you know what your body needs.


Spruce Cold Pressed Juices are made fresh daily, and now have delivery everywhere in Metro Manila. Check out their Facebook page for their stockists (https://www.facebook.com/drinkspruce/info), follow them on Instagram for “well-thy” inspiration (@drinkspruce), or text/call 0917.897.2108 for orders. Payment is over the counter through Banco de Oro.