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I don’t receive a lot of “hate” comments here on the blog. But last night, I received a very curt remark from an anonymous commenter, incidentally on the post about my recent thoughts on marriage. In a very short one-line comment, the person basically said that I should blog about my “real life.”

The person’s sarcasm was brimming over. For a while, I felt annoyed. In effect he or she was implying that I was only sharing the good parts of my life, not the “real”, shitty, dirty laundry. I thought about it for a few minutes then, promptly deleted the comment. No way was I going to give a nega-troll (which is my compound for “negatron” and “net troll”, obviously!) any power over me. Later on, when I posted a sincere “non-rant” on Facebook for the benefit of my network, I received lots of support and affirmation for my blog, my mission of “bliss”, and my little crusade to spread happiness.

You can’t please everyone in the world, especially if you decide to put parts of your life online. People will judge you for a link you share on Facebook, or an opinion that you Tweet. Personally, I’ve been judged by others as not being open enough about my personal life on the blog — as if I should blog about more than I feel comfortable with! 

The thing is, it’s your right to share whatever you want to. It’s a free world; social media and the blog world. Just make sure whatever you put out there, you own and you can completely justify. If you’re going to post a blog, a link, an anecdote or whatever you’ve got to be 100% behind it and defend it, if needed.

We all have a right to an online space, and whatever we publish for people to read or view is our responsibility. I see it as my responsibility to only spread the good, find the silver lining, report on what makes me happy over what could otherwise make me a sour puss. I also see it as my duty to keep the private parts of my life private, and to not share things about my family, my marriage and my friends that could potentially hurt or damage them online, no matter how trivial those things may be.

I’ve always been a “glass-half-full” person, and no one can change that, least of all Mr/Mrs. Anonymous Commenter.

So, there. I just thought I’d share it with you. Let me leave you with a screen shot of what I posted on my Facebook wall, and leave things at that. (And thanks to the over a hundred people who “liked” this status update. I appreciate the support!)

Grabbed from my personal Facebook account. Lotsa positive commenters here, ha!

Grabbed from my personal Facebook account. Lotsa positive commenters here, ha!

What do you do when people hate on you? Has it happened on your blog? What did you do about it, and how did you step out of it a better person? I hope we can chat about it in the comments.