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If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately (@martinedeluna), you’ll see that I’ve been trying different juice brands lately. I did a juicing post some time last year, but I honestly didn’t get into the habit of it. I’ve changed this year, haha! I’ve actually been able to do a green smoothie a day, even on weekends. In addition to those, I’ve also started to experiment with juices.

Today, I wanted to tell you about my Juice Hut cold-pressed juice experience. Juice Hut is owned by Mia Sison, whom I met through social media, but later on realized was the cousin of my sister-in-law. Haha! So of course, I wanted to try her juices. (My sister-in-law — not Mia’s cousin — did the watercolor brand identity for Juice Hut, by the way. The link to her blog is here.

juice hut

Mia sent over a bag with six bottles of her juice blends. Super nice! The cool bag makes it convenient for you to take your juice to the office, if you need to bring them with you during the day. You’ll need to have some ice packs, though, to keep your juices chilled.

Each bottle is labeled with the client’s name, since Mia makes each batch herself!

juice hut manila cold pressed juice

juice hut cold pressed juice manila

I was able to sample six flavors:

  • Veggie Medley: spinach, cucumber, apple, carrot, lemon (green color)
  • Orange Broccoli: orange, carrot and broccoli (orange with green bits)
  • Revitalizing Red: beets, carrot, apple, cucumber (dark red)
  • Beginner Green: spinach, celery, apple, orange, ginger (green)
  • Eye Opener: orange, carrot, apple (orange)
  • Strawberry Delight: strawberry, apple, cucumber, lemon (pink)

Everything was delicious, with the green-colored juices being the most potently “veggie” in taste. They’re not hard-core “green,” thanks to the acid/citrus component, which makes them easier to drink. I don’t know about you, but it’s not easy for me to down a totally green juice, meaning a juice that is all leaves & water, nothing more.


What makes Juice Hut different from other cold-pressed juices in town is their “chewability,” as I like to call it. You get the pulp and fiber from the fruits and veggies, so you have to “chew” the juice. I like this, because I get filled up after one bottle. In fact, I replaced a meal with two juices (for a total of four bottles in one day), and then had a full dinner. I “drank-chewed” the other two juices for breakfast the next day. I think that I can actually get full from these juices if I decide to do a hard core 3-day cleanse. (Still have to ask my doctor about that.)

If you do decide to do a juice cleanse, the Juice Hut bottles have trackers for your convenience: Just mark each bottle for when you intend to consume it.

juice hut manila juice tracker

I’ll be adding Juice Hut to my roster of juicing favorites! Aside from the full feeling I get after each bottle, they also taste great! And, thanks to the cold-pressed process, they’re still packed with the necessary nutrients and enzymes that are normally lost when using the cheaper, more conventional juice presses. (If ever you’re going to go for a juice brand, please go for cold-pressed.)

Here’s Juice Hut’s menu, by the way:

juice hut manila menu

juice hut reboot

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